21 March 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Kaicho would like you to check out these important posts.

MOON SAGA flowers project

第91期 神威楽園 de マトメナ祭 INFORMATION POST


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28 October 2014 @ 12:32 am
Both GACKT and MOON SAGA have shared a MOON SAGA promotional video on their Facebooks.

It's a promotional video aimed for an international audience, and is in English. It features lots of footage from MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter Two.

And this is actually the Game Centre video from yesterday, October 26th, but it's worth watching.

GACKT is playing Tekken again and it has guest appearances from TAKUMI and Sato. As the title of the video suggests, we kinda get to see some real Tekken...

2014.10.26 - the start of real Tekken!? GACKT x Tekken #4

Flowers are ordered and paid for! Hopefully I did everything right and some beautiful flowers will be sent to GACKT later this week!

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27 October 2014 @ 12:21 am


[October 26th]

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Any Halloween plans, LOVERS? Parties? Costumes? Trick or treating?

Annnnnd, the final total for the flowers collection is...

That's a lot of flowers! Thanks to everyone who donated!
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25 October 2014 @ 11:59 pm

A few days ago I posted about a project to send some flowers to GACKT for the last MOON SAGA shows in Saitama that begin on October 30th.

I have received a lot of comments and donations, and currently the total donated stands at 20,980 yen!

That'll ensure that GACKT gets a very nice flower arrangement XD

But, the deadline for donations isn't until 23:59 (Japan time) on Sunday, October 26th. So if you still want to contribute and make those flowers even better and bigger, then there is still time! Just PM me or email ohgacktyoudidnt@gmail.com for the info.

I'm planning on ordering the flowers on Monday. The sign that accompanies the flowers will (hopefully) say "Congratulations GACKT, from Oh GACKT You Didn't".

I'll be at the first Saitama show on Thursday, so I'll make sure that photos are taken and shared!

For full details on the project, please see the original post.

Thank you!

Edit - oh, I received a PM from someone about this ages ago but LJ wouldn't let me either reply to that or to comment in that person's LJ. So, if you sent me a PM but haven't had a response, that's why. If you still want to donate then send me an email!

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24 October 2014 @ 12:39 am
Lots of blog updates today!

Firstly, GACKT updated his blog and blomaga ahead of the MOON SAGA shows in Sendai tomorrow. He spoke on his feelings about autumn, and also about the filming of the MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden-Chapter Two DVD in Nagoya.

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Sources - GACKT blog / Blomaga

GACKT also updated his LINE after meeting a fan in Nagoya who asked him to. GACKT spoke of travelling to Sendai for the MOON SAGA shows, and also that the final MOON SAGA show in Omiya on October 31st would be a Halloween party and that he wants the audience to wear costumes.

All of the photos are from Nagoya.

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The final photo there is of the fan who asked GACKT to update.

The fan also posted via his Twitter account about the meeting and shared a photo of the autograph he got from GACKT!

Source - Twitter

Takeshi Nakano posted about the GemCEREY jewellery counter being present at the Sendai shows and shared a photo of himself with Yoshitsune.

Source - Takeshi Nakano Instagram

Again, the Sendai shows will have handshake events with two of the MOON SAGA actors and a signing and handshake event with TAKUMI.

GACKT's Facebook updated with a photo of the secret meeting at the final MOON SAGA show in Nagoya.

Source - GACKT Facebook

GACKT sent flowers to Golden Bomber to celebrate their show at the Saitama Super Arena.

Source - Twitter

And if you want to send flowers to GACKT, then head on over to this entry for further details on the flowers that OGYD will be sending to the final MOON SAGA shows in Saitama!

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23 October 2014 @ 09:04 am
Couldn't find a streaming version but you find the raw on plotboxes
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Bonus Questions:
1. Final thoughts on the drama
2. From 1 to 10, how well was GACKT's acting in this drama
3. How well did I do during these discussion posts since this is a first time for me
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20 October 2014 @ 10:39 am
MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden-Chapter Two will be finishing at the end of this month with three performances in Saitama.

As is customary at concerts and plays in Japan, I'm sure GACKT will receive many beautiful bouquets of flowers to congratulate him on performing in Saitama and reaching the end of the MOON SAGA production.

Flowers like these...

(From GACKT's 40th birthday live last year)

So... wouldn't it be awesome to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to GACKT from all of us, his fans around the world?


These flower arrangements vary greatly in price. The florist that I have been looking at does a large range of these flowers, with the cheapest arrangements beginning at 17,000 yen (cheaper than a body pillow!) and the most expensive going up to around 57,000 yen. Obviously the more expensive arrangements are the biggest and have the more expensive flowers, but even the 17,000 yen arrangements are beautiful so that would definitely be enough!

If you want to help with this, then please donate as much or as little as you want. All money will go towards the flowers and will be collected via PayPal. In the (unlikely) event that we collect the maximum, I'll post so that no more donations are sent.

If you want to donate, then just send me a PM or email ohgacktyoudidnt@gmail.com(that is not the PayPal address though!) and I'll give you the payment details XD

Deadline - 23:59 (Japan time), Sunday 26th October.

Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested!

I know that the vast majority of people reading this can't attend the MOON SAGA shows for many varied reasons, but I think this would be a nice gesture from us all to say that we're there in spirit and that we're supporting GACKT from wherever we are. It's not been the easiest of productions due to the first night problems and various injuries accrued, but everyone on the production has given their all every night and none more so than GACKT. I saw some flowers from fans of Yumi Hiro at the first MOON SAGA show and thought that it was a wonderful gesture!

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19 October 2014 @ 08:16 pm


[October 19th 2014]

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What is your favorite way of spending weekends during autumn, LOVERS??
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All of the details for the forthcoming CamuiGakuen tour are now online, so like last year we'll keep discussion about attending the shows to just one entry.

It will be linked to from the sticky post on the front page of the community.

Here, you can find information about...
Gakuensai schedule
Uniform rules

If there are any questions that aren't answered, then please leave a comment!

CamuiGakuen de Matomenasai

A live by the CamuiGakuen light music club!! All songs are covers!!
You can meet our Seito Kaicho, Gackt Camui, and all of the senpais again this year!!
There will be a new line up in the CamuiGakuen co-operative store and also in the school cafeteria and again, this year the senpais will compete to sell the most!!
Matomenasai is an event based on a school festival!
Let's wear awesome school uniforms and enjoy it


11/29 - Nagoya Port Messe Nagoya Hall 1
Entry procedures - 13:00. Doors - 14:00. Start – 15:00
Nearest train station - Kinjyo-futo

12/13 - Chiba Port Arena
Entry procedures - 13:00. Doors - 14:00. Start – 15:00
Nearest train station – Chiba Minato (JR train) or Shiyakusho Mae (Chiba Monorail)

12/14 - Chiba Port Arena
Entry procedures - 13:00. Doors - 14:00. Start – 15:00
Nearest train station – Chiba Minato (JR train) or Shiyakusho Mae (Chiba Monorail)

12/23 - Osaka International Convention Centre Main Hall
Entry procedures - 12:00. Doors - 14:00. Start – 15:00
Nearest train station - Nakanoshima

12/24 - Osaka International Convention Centre Main Hall
Entry procedures - 15:00. Doors - 17:00. Start – 18:00
Nearest train station - Nakanoshima

12/28 - Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hall 
Entry procedures - 12:00. Doors - 14:00. Start - 15:00
Nearest train station – Gofukumachi (there are also many bus services to the venue)

Entry ProcedureCollapse )
Uniform RulesCollapse )
Ticket ClassesCollapse )

Venue LayoutsCollapse )
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Sources - CamuiGakuen website / Matomenasai DM

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15 October 2014 @ 07:47 pm

Discussion Points:
1. Tatsumi's tears
2. How old is Tatsumi?
3. Natsuki's mother never knew about the panic attacks
4. "It has to end"
5. Kentaro's conformation with Tatsumi?
6. Mami's accident
7. Kentaro and Natsuki scene
8. Yoshimi admitted that she tampered with the data for the Noise Disease drug
9. Natsuki finding out about the promise made between Yoshimi and Tatsumi
10. Title Drop
11. The only way to save Mami if Tatsumi didn't save Natsuki

Next week is the finale
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