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21 March 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Kaicho would like you to check out these important posts.


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22 August 2016 @ 10:57 pm
Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


Date of the second 'OH!! MY!! GACKT!!' broadcast scheduled!

2016.08.22 - LINE.jpg

Up until now, GACKT's NicoNico Channel has seen him as the editor in chief of a blomaga, and now it is being revamped!
It's being powered up as a video program!!

The second program will be broadcast from abroad!
GACKT will answer emails from everyone for 60 minutes!

Please send your questions and topics via email to the address below.

Please include:
・Name (nickname is fine)
・Question, discussion topic.


▼Broadcast schedule
Saturday, August 27th, 19:00 to 20:00

※The program can only be viewed by members of GACKT's blomaga
※As the program is being broadcast from abroad, it is dependent on the quality of the net broadcast. It is possible that the broadcast details will change.
※The program length is scheduled to be 60 minutes, but that may change

Source - GACKT OHP

The Kenshin Kousai happened this weekend. Joetsu City made the decision that this year, they would not invite GACKT, or any other celebrity, to take part in the event and would instead make the festival for local people. Last year with GACKT saw a record high number of visitors attend the festival. The total spectators this year, was 95,000 less than GACKT's record breaking appearance in 2015.

Source - Joetsu Journal

A couple of weeks ago, some videos were posted of GACKT and Max Murai playing othello and the app Gyakuten Othellonia. Murai's company App Bank, have posted some photos from the filming.

2016.08.17 - app bank 01.jpg

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Source - App Bank

A business partner of GACKT's, Satoshi Ikeda, posted a photo of them together on his Instagram. Their company, GACKT & IKEDA ASIA BRIDGE PARTNERz, are working together with the company BLANC to establish the company Blanc Asia Holdings Sdn Bhd. They will be opening a hair extension salon in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, and then hoping to branch out across South East Asia.

2016.08.17 - Satoshi Ikeda.jpg

Source - Satoshi Ikeda Instagram

Remember, the DVD from the 2015 Camui Gakuen tour comes out on August 31st! After a delay, the DVD is finished and is safe with Gakucchi.

2016.08.18 - LINE.jpg

Speaking of Gakucchi, there may be more types of Gakucchi produced for amusement arcades in the future...

2016.08.17 - LINE.jpg

Source - GACKT Facebook & LINE / GACKT Facebook & LINE

YOU is still touring around with S.Q.F. and posting pretty pictures.

2016.08.21 - YOU 07.jpg

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Sources - YOU Facebook / YOU Facebook


All training videos this weekCollapse )

Sources - GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram


08/27 - 2nd OH!! MY!! GACKT!! broadcast
08/31 - Camui Gakuen de Dashite Kudasai DVD release

09/19 - Kishidan Expo - GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen

10/03 - ‘TRICKSTER’ anime begins broadcasting

2017 - ‘Karanukan’ movie release

♥Game Center♥

Games this week - Pikmin 3, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Splatoon

Nearly finished for the yearCollapse )

♥Photo of the week♥

GACKT sent flowers for the opening night of the play 'Honganji Returns'. The play is run by the same group of people that did MOON SAGA, it has several actors from MOON SAGA in, and the soundtrack was created by YOU and Yuzura Jinma, who does GACKT's orchestrations.

2016.08.21 - Uda Takaki.jpg

Source - @takakiuda

There's not so much happening at the moment...

How is everyone? Ready for the week ahead?
The Tokyo area has been a bit battered by a typhoon (or three) today. It was a good excuse to not leave the house.

16 August 2016 @ 01:24 am
This week in GACKT-land...


GACKT's Official YouTube has uploaded some videos to promote the LAST VISUALIVE tour, which is currently scheduled to be held both internationally and in Japan again in 2017. They feature footage from the Saitama Super Arena shows.

There are two versions of the video, long and short, and both versions are available in English and Japanese, so there are four videos in total. The Japanese versions are voiced over by Yuki Kimisawa.

"GACKT WORLD TOUR LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON-" Promotion Video - English, full version

Other versions under the cutCollapse )

A trailer was uploaded for the forthcoming Camui Gakuen DVD, out on August 31st. As an apology for the delay, which was caused by Kaicho disappearing through stress, some footage from the DVD was added to the video. The full performance of Mikazuki is included, as well as some extra footage of terrorising some senpais.

On August 10th, a yakiniku restaurant opened in Fukuoka that is owned by Stone Market. GACKT has helped out with the restaurant in and advisory role.

2016.08.08 - Taijiro Nakamura 01.jpg

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Source - Taijiro Nakamura Facebook

YOU has been playing with S.Q.F again, including at a multi-band show where everyone performed in yukata. A load of pretty YOU selfies are under the cut.

2016.08.14 - YOU 01.jpg

+14Collapse )

Source - YOU Facebook / YOU Facebook /

Chacha is doing another collaboration with Artemis Classic.

2016.08.08 - Chacha.jpg

Source -
Chacha Instagram


Some training videos, and some half naked, tanned selfiesCollapse )

Sources - GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / GACKtstagram


08/16 - NTV - 19:00 - Kayou Surprise
08/31 - Camui Gakuen de Dashite Kudasai DVD release

09/19 - Kishidan Expo - GACKT presents Camui Gakuen

10/03 - ‘TRICKSTER’ anime begins broadcasting

2017 - ‘Karanukan’ movie release

♥Game Center♥

Games this week - Pikmin 3, Splatoon, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

August is the last month of this second season!Collapse )

♥Photo of the week♥

It looks like Sato is still following the GACKT workout.

2016.08.09 - Sato.jpg

Source - Sato Instagram

Slightly late and covering more than a week... Apologies!!
01 August 2016 @ 01:23 am
This week in GACKT-land...


On Friday, there was a special NicoNico live broadcast from GACKT's Nico channel, OH!! MY!! GACKT!! Until now the channel had been a blomaga, but now it will continue as a video channel and to celebrate, the first guest was Ayumi Hamasaki! It was Ayu's very first appearance on NicoNico.

m-on press 01.jpg

+3Collapse )

There is a photo album with 94 screencaps from the show at the OGYD Facebook

Source - M-on / Ayumi Hamasaki Instagram

Since the LVL finished in early July, GACKT has been on location in Okinawa filming the movie 'Karanukan'. There hasn't been much news or many photos of GACKT from the set, but the director Yasuhiro Hamano has been updating his Facebook. He's complimented GACKT's acting, and spoke of a love scene that GACKT filmed with the lead female of the movie, Suzuka Kimura. It was also Hamano's 75th birthday during filming, and you can see GACKT in costume in the photos.

2016.07.22 - Hamano 01.jpg

+4Collapse )

Sources - Yasuhiro Hamano / Shaun Kazama Facebook

Excite Music posted a report from GACKT's 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY on July 4th. The text of their report is from the evening, but IIRC, the photos are from the lunch.

excite 01.jpg

+11Collapse )

I posted a report from both events in my personal LJ. You can read that here [report] GACKT's 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY

Source - Excite Music

Starting from 6pm on August 1st, the smartphone game 'Gyakuten Othellonia' will have a new event and will include a new character voiced by GACKT.

Here is a sample of GACKT's character and voice acting in the game (if the embed doesn't work, you can access the video here)

8/1(月)より登場する、「魔天・ルエド」(CV:GACKT)のスキル・コンボスキルを取材してきましたよ〜(ノ^ω^)ノ※画面は開発中のものです #オセロニア pic.twitter.com/AJrWp9Seqp

— リリア@逆転オセロニア公式 (@Othellonia_info) 2016年7月31日

The gaming website Famitsu posted an interview with GACKT about the game.

2016.07.29 - Famitsu 1.jpg

+3Collapse )

Source - Famitsu

GACKT played the game a couple of months ago for Game Center. To celebrate GACKT's appearance in the game, GACKT and YouTuber Max Murai took part in three othello/reversi related challenges that were uploaded to Max Murai's YouTube channel.

GACKT is also good at othello?

Days 2 and 3Collapse )

The 'Kugutsu ga Gotoku' music video was finally released this week. If you have a serial code (and it works...) you can download it in HQ from the special site here > https://g-and-lovers.com/lastmoon It's been uploaded to YouTube by some fans, so you can probably watch it there too.

Now that the LVL is done for this year, YOU has been back working with S.Q.F. The band will be on a NicoNico broadcast tomorrow for the FOOL's MATE Nico channel.

2016.07.26 - YOU 1.jpg

+5Collapse )

Sources - YOU Facebook / YOU Facebook

The Gakucchi plushies were finally released and are now available to be won in amusement arcades across Japan. If you put 500 yen into the crane machines, you can get a clearfile (while stocks last) and in the clearfile is a code that gives you a chance to win one of 10 giant Gakucchis, as modelled here by GACKT and Chacha.

2016.07.31 - Chacha.jpg

+2 of GACKTCollapse )

Sources - Chacha Instagram / GACKT LINE


Exercising and AyuCollapse )

Sources - GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / / GACKTstagram


08/31 - Camui Gakuen de Dashite Kudasai DVD release

09/19 - Kishidan Expo - GACKT presents Camui Gakuen (it's being suggested that this may be the only Gakuen show this year)

10/03 - ‘TRICKSTER’ anime begins broadcasting

2017 - ‘Karanukan’ movie release

♥Game Center♥

Games this week - Q, Pikmin 3, Splatoon

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♥Photo of the week♥

A couple of months ago, GACKT was at the opening of the Oracle beauty clinic. He was at the clinic again this week. There is a GACKT beauty course there that you can have XD

2016.07.29 - oracleclinic.jpg

Source - @oracleclinic

It's been ages since I've had the time to do one of these, and it happens to be the busiest week in ages too...

How is everyone?
Ready for summer/winter?
If you're in a country that has Pokemon Go, are you playing? What team are you?

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Several reports from the LAST VISUALIVE shows have been posted today, and alongside them are several new photos.

excite 2.jpg

+13Collapse )

GACKT's appearance at Ayumi Hamasaki's show yesterday was covered by many TV shows today. This video has three of the shows that featured it.

As you can see from the video, the comedy duo Trendy Angels were singing ANOTHER WORLD and trying to mimic GACKT's singing, but changed one of the lines. GACKT appeared, told them off, sang the song himself and then changed another line.

This is from GACKT's Instagram.

2016.07.11 - GACKT.jpg

I got back to Tokyo to join her show as a surprise guest last night. Had a got time and could deliver a wonderful surprise and a lot of energy to her fans. Had a fun time.

[Japanese] - Yesterday, I returned to Japan. I came back to surprise everyone at Ayu's live. I was able to make a good atmosphere and surprise. So, everyone, together 'Udon is nozawana, gyudon is Yoshinaya!" I'm sorry.
[Those are the lines that were changed in ANOTHER WORLD]

Source - Excite Music / OK Music / GACKTstagram
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Today, July 10th, GACKT was a surprise special guest at Ayumi Hamasaki's concert at Yoyogi National Stadium as part of her MADE IN JAPAN tour.

He appeared for the encore, alongside comedy act TRENDY ANGELS and they sang 'ANOTHER WORLD'. He explained that Ayu had asked him to come, so he'd come from abroad this morning in order to sing with her.

2016.07.10 - ayu.jpg

mantan web 01.jpg

+2Collapse )

Ayu allowed cameras at the live (or at least for this part), so Twitter and Instagram were quickly flooded with fan photos from the shows.

Some fan photosCollapse )

For the last line of ANOTHER WORLD, GACKT changed the lyrics to 「牛丼は吉野家」 "Gyudon is Yoshinoya" .Gyudon is a dish of rice topped with beef, and Yoshinoya is a cheap fast food restaurant famous for serving it. I believe this ties into a video shown before the encore with Trendy Angels, and isn't as entirely random as it seems!

Footage from Ayu's concerts will be shown on early morning TV, but it isn't clear whether it will be the parts with GACKT or not.

Source - Ayumi Hamasaki Instagram / Mantan-Web

Edit - although photos were allowed, I've been informed that videos weren't, so I deleted the video of ANOTHER WORLD from this entry. Sorry!

It's July 4th in Japan so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GACKT!!!!

Yesterday, July 3rd, saw the end of the LAST VISUALIVE tour. The 42nd and final show was successfully held in Saitama Super Arena.


GACKT was surprised at the two shows in Saitama by birthday celebrations, and presented with a cake.

July 2nd's cake

2016.07.04 - YOU 05.jpg

July 3rd's cake

2016.07.04 - YOU 06.jpg

The show on July 2nd was recorded and will be broadcast on WOWOW in October.

At the final show, there were three announcements.

1) 'Kimi dake no boku de iru kara' will be released as single, and will be the theme for the anime TRICKSTER, which starts airing in October. GACKT will also be voicing the bad guy in the anime, a mysterious criminal known as The Fiend with Twenty Faces. The character's true nationality, sex and age are unknown, as (s)he is a master of disguise.

Character imageCollapse )

2) There will be a WORLD TOUR in 2017 (no further information was given than that, so as yet we don't know places or dates)

3) There will be more shows in Japan in 2017.

Sources - Nikkan Sports / TRICKSTER anime / YOU Facebook
27 June 2016 @ 03:00 am

You have just under 48 hours to get your birthday messages in for GACKT!

Email [ohgacktyoudidnt@gmail.com] before midnight, on Tuesday June 28th (Japan time - although if you're a little late it'll be okay)!

For full details check the LJ entry or Facebook!

Also, today was the second of two shows in Okinawa, and the last of the hall shows on the LAST VISUALIVE tour.

The next shows are the two arena shows at Saitama Super Arena on July 2nd and 3rd.

For last minute tickets, information and general chatter, check out the post here!!!!
18 June 2016 @ 10:59 pm
It's two weeks until the LAST VISUALIVE tour final in Saitama Super Arena. Many fans will be going to the show, so this is an all pupose post for questions, answers and advice!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.58.01 PM.png

Saitama Super Arena
July 2nd
Doors open 16:00 / Show starts 17:00
July 3rd
Doors open 15:00 / Show starts 16:00

Website: Super Arena English site
Nearest train station: Saitama Shintoshin station (Keihin Tohoku line, Utsunomiya line, Takasaki line), 2 minute walk or Kita-Yono station (Saikyo line), 7 minute walk

You can get a rough idea of where your seat is here > seating plan [Japanese only].

Help with using the seating planCollapse )

If you're in Tokyo, and want to do some sight seeing with a GACKT flavor, here are a few spots you can hit up.

AsakusaCollapse )

Harajuku/OmotesandoCollapse )

OdaibaCollapse )

EbisuCollapse )

ShinagawaCollapse )

ShibuyaCollapse )

So, this post can be used for any questions you have about the show, or a trip to Saitama/Tokyo in general. Discuss meet ups, concert plans... anything!

Also, if you have tickets for sale, or want to buy tickets, you can do so in this entry. There are some tickets for sale already in the main ticket post here (and if you advertised in that post, you can advertise here again)

Above all, everyone have fun and stay safe!!

Gackt - RRII - U+K - dance.gif

05 June 2016 @ 11:00 pm
It’s time to start the annual birthday project!


birthday g.jpg

We’re looking for messages and photos from fans all over the world. The messages will be collected, made into a book and handed over either at the birthday party or Saitama Super Arena.

Submission details under the cutCollapse )

Please send your submissions to ohgacktyoudidnt@gmail.com
Submission deadline is Tuesday June 28th at 23:59 (Japanese time).

If you are late, your submission will not be used.

Any questions?

Here are the details on Facebook and on Instagram. Please like and share! I'll make a Facebook event in the upcoming days and bug everyone about it.