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21 March 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Kaicho would like you to check out these important posts.

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18 June 2016 @ 10:59 pm
It's two weeks until the LAST VISUALIVE tour final in Saitama Super Arena. Many fans will be going to the show, so this is an all pupose post for questions, answers and advice!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.58.01 PM.png

Saitama Super Arena
July 2nd
Doors open 16:00 / Show starts 17:00
July 3rd
Doors open 15:00 / Show starts 16:00

Website: Super Arena English site
Nearest train station: Saitama Shintoshin station (Keihin Tohoku line, Utsunomiya line, Takasaki line), 2 minute walk or Kita-Yono station (Saikyo line), 7 minute walk

You can get a rough idea of where your seat is here > seating plan [Japanese only].

Help with using the seating planCollapse )

If you're in Tokyo, and want to do some sight seeing with a GACKT flavor, here are a few spots you can hit up.

AsakusaCollapse )

Harajuku/OmotesandoCollapse )

OdaibaCollapse )

EbisuCollapse )

ShinagawaCollapse )

ShibuyaCollapse )

So, this post can be used for any questions you have about the show, or a trip to Saitama/Tokyo in general. Discuss meet ups, concert plans... anything!

Also, if you have tickets for sale, or want to buy tickets, you can do so in this entry. There are some tickets for sale already in the main ticket post here (and if you advertised in that post, you can advertise here again)

Above all, everyone have fun and stay safe!!

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05 June 2016 @ 11:00 pm
It’s time to start the annual birthday project!


birthday g.jpg

We’re looking for messages and photos from fans all over the world. The messages will be collected, made into a book and handed over either at the birthday party or Saitama Super Arena.

Submission details under the cutCollapse )

Please send your submissions to ohgacktyoudidnt@gmail.com
Submission deadline is Tuesday June 28th at 23:59 (Japanese time).

If you are late, your submission will not be used.

Any questions?

Here are the details on Facebook and on Instagram. Please like and share! I'll make a Facebook event in the upcoming days and bug everyone about it.
31 May 2016 @ 10:14 am
GACKT is starring in commercials for AGA Skin Clinic.

The clinic specialises in hair thinning and baldness, and Doctor GACKT is on hand with his army of mannequin patients to help!


CM 1

CM 2

Making of

More shots from the commercialsCollapse )


The commercials begin airing in Japan tomorrow (June 1st).

Source - BARKS / Music Voice

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27 May 2016 @ 01:35 am
Today, May 26th, was the Japanese premiere of the movie 'Deadpool'. GACKT attended the premiere as a secret guest, and revealed that he is a fan of Deadpool.

2016.05.26 - GACKT.jpg

Hey bros n sisters. I am invited to a Japan premiere of " DEAD POOL". I love this character since XMEN Wolverine Zero. Did you already watch it? I'll start in Japan today. Check it out.

The movie opens in Japan on June 1st not today, GACKT.

More photos from the event are under the cut. Footage from the event will be featured on TV tomorrow morning.

+93Collapse )

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29 April 2016 @ 01:02 am
On May 23rd, YOSHIKI's official NicoNico channel 'YOSHIKI CHANNEL' and GACKT's official NicoNico channel 'OH!!MY!!GACKT!!' will collaborate for a NicoNico live broadcast!


It is the first time in 11 years that GACKT and YOSHIKI have appeared on a broadcast together, and the first time they've appeared on a live broadcast together.

Broadcast Details
May 23rd, 2016

Part 1 - free (everyone can view)
21:45 ~ information from YOSHIKI CHANNEL
22:00 ~ GACKT's appearance starts
URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv261023988

Part 2 - exclusive to members of YOSHIKI CHANNEL
22:30 ~
URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv261008773

Part 3 - exclusive to members of OH!!MY!!GACKT!!
23:00 ~
URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv261022347

The news articles promoting this broadcast are highlighting not only GACKT and YOSHIKI's personal friendship, but their work together in 2007 as part of S.K.I.N. - the supergroup YOSHIKI and GACKT formed along with SUGIZO and MIYAVI. The subject of S.K.I.N. is expected to be addressed, and the articles are even suggesting that the band could be restarted...

This is GACKT and YOSHIKI's last broadcast appearance together, from May 30th, 2005...

And a little bit extra that was screened on a later show.

There are quite a few fancams of S.K.I.N.'s one and only live show in LA on YouTube.

I guess we'll find out if there's any truth to the S.K.I.N. thing, or if it's just rumors to drum up viewing figures on May 23rd :D

27 April 2016 @ 01:40 am
There are some new goods for the LAST VISUALIVE! The goods are already on sale at the online store, and will be added to the goods line up at the venues from May 3rd, in Osaka.

goods - yoshitsune.jpg

Gakucchi key ring C - 1,200 yen

Some of these are very GACKTCollapse )

Yesterday, April 25th, marked the 17th anniversary of GACKT's solo debut. He had a LAST VISUALIVE show in Fukuoka, and during his MC there was a surprise celebration. He was interrupted by Mizerable being played, and a congratulations message was shown on the back video screen. The band and dancers presented him with flowers and a cake.

YOU and Yuki Kimisawa shared a couple of photos from the show.

2016.04.26 - YOU 1.jpg

+2Collapse )

Yuki also posted a cute blog, where he spoke about remembering batting practice during his junior high school baseball club days while hearing Mizerable play.

GACKT's friend, professional tennis player Ayaka Okuno attended the show and joined in with the pre-show training.

2016.04.26 - Ayaka Okuno.jpg

Sources - YOU Facebook / Yuki Kimisawa blog / Ayaka Okuno Instagram

Tomorrow, April 27th, sees the official release of LAST MOON!

To celebrate the release of first GACKT's new album in 6 years, 'LAST MOON', from April 27th to May 10th an advertising truck with 'LAST MOON' decoration will be driving around! If you're in the same areas as the truck, keep an eye out for it!

⬛︎Locations: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Omotesando
Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando area (13:00-15:00, 18:00-20:00)
Shinjuku area (16:30-18:00)
(Details subject to change due to traffic conditions)

Source - GACKT OHP

Due to the recent earthquake in Kumamoto, the LAST VISUALIVE show that was scheduled for Kumamoto on June 15th has been canceled. The venue it was scheduled to happen in sustained damage in the earthquake, so the show can't go ahead. People who had tickets for Kumamoto can exchange them for the other Kyushu dates in Miyazaki (June 17th), Fukuoka (June 19th), or for an additional tour date in Kagoshima on June 21st. Refunds are also available.



20 April 2016 @ 12:49 am
Today, April 19th, GACKT performed a guerrilla live outside Shinjuku station in Tokyo. He performed two songs - ARROW and RIDE OR DIE. It was broadcast live on NicoNico, and around 2,000 fans were in attendance (plus many passersby).

cinema cafe 1.jpg

During a short MC, he explained that he had collaborated with Nestle to make a GACKT model Gold Blend Barista coffee machine. After speaking to the staff and president at Nestle Japan, it was decided that all proceeds from sales of the GACKT Barista would go to help those in Kyushu affected by the recent earthquakes.

The GACKT Barista is a limited run of 1000 machines, and is currently sold out.

+46Collapse )

+2Collapse )

Of course, GACKT and JOB all took to social media to share photos too.

+11Collapse )

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01 April 2016 @ 12:33 am
On Tuesday, GACKT was a guest on the TV show Kayou Surprise.

He was in Nagoya, and the aim of the program was to find nice places to eat, but without having a reservation or giving the restaurants prior notice that a camera crew would be arriving. What places did GACKT choose? Did they let him and the camera crew in?

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.49.25 AM.png

You can watch the show in full here > http://www.miomio.tv/watch/cc265178/ (GACKT's part starts at 42 minutes)

Yesterday (Thursday), GACKT was a guest on the spring special of Gurunai.

In this show, the guests can order freely from the menu and try to spend as close to 40,000 yen as possible. The menu has no prices listed, however, so they have to guess the prices and keep a running total. The person who is furthest away from the 40,000 yen target has to pay the bill for everyone. Last time GACKT was on this show was 7 years ago and he came fourth. He wants to do better this time and get revenge on Okamura, who won last time and is also on this show too.

How did GACKT do...?

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.22.48 PM.png

You can watch the show in full here > http://www.miomio.tv/watch/cc265417/ (GACKT is in the full two hours)

And GACKT will be on KanJam on April 3rd, talking about his favorite love songs and songs that make him cry. He'll also perform ANOTHER WORLD with members of Kanjani 8.

The LAST VISUALIVE tour is continuing. GACKT and the band have now completed five out of the 41 scheduled shows. After many requests, a training video for the song WooHa BABY!! has been posted to YouTube. It's best viewed on a smartphone screen, and of course contains spoilers for the show!

Under the cut are a collection of recent photos!

+6Collapse )

Sources - Kitashinchi Omotenashi Medical clinic / GACKTstagram / Instagram / Ameba / Chacha Instagram

And finally, GACKT announced that he won't be able to make the LAST VISUALIVE show that is scheduled for Niigata today (Friday) as he will be busy having injections of virgin's blood. Instead, he has arranged for Seito Kaicho to stand in and perform in his place. Kaicho was asked for a comment, but was too busy crying tears of joy into his GACKT body pillow to answer.

Source - GACKT OHP

Gackt - Kaicho peace

20 March 2016 @ 09:56 pm
This week in GACKT-land...


The first show of the LAST VISUALIVE happened yesterday, March 19th, in Misato in Saitama. It was a fanclub only show and started about 90 minutes late.

Below the spoiler cut are a couple of photos from the show.

[Spoilers! ネタバレ!]
dwango 01.jpg
dwango 02.jpg

Source - Dwango

The tracklisting and CD covers for LAST MOON were announced this week. There is some discussion on this already here and here

Please click for full size!


last moon 01.jpg

Other versions under the cutCollapse )

2. 花も散ゆ [Hana mo Chiyu]
3. RETURNER ~闇の終焉~ [Returner~Yami no Shuuen~]
5. 暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS- [Akatsukizukuyo-DAY BREAKERS-]
6. 斬 ~ZAN~ [Zan]
7. 傀儡が如く[Kugutsu no Gotoku]
9. 舞哈BABY!! -WooHa-
10. 恋のFRIDAY!!! [Koi no FRIDAY!!!]
11. キミだけのボクでいるから [Kimi dake no boku de iru kara]
12. P.S. I LOVE U
13. 雪月花 -The end of silence- [Setsugekka-The end of silence-]

2. RETURNER ~闇の終焉~ [Returner~Yami no Shuuen~]
3. 暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS- [Akatsukizukuyo-DAY BREAKERS-]
4. P.S. I LOVE U
5. 雪月花 -The end of silence- [Setsugekka-The end of silence-]
Plus a serial code for the PV for Kugutsu no Gotoku, which was filmed this week

The bonuses for buying the new album are ticket holders, but the designs differ from store to store.


(Top left is Tower Records, bottom right is the design for stores that aren't specified on the diagram)

Source - GACKT OHP

Here is GACKT's March message for the GACKT x Nestle LAST MOON project. You can listen to Koi no FRIDAY!!! and Kimi dake no boku de iru kara in full at the Nestle site

The English version of G&LOVERS is now available so everyone can join the fanclub! There's already a lot of information and discussion on this here.

The FC can be found here - https://g-and-lovers.com/

GACKT appeared on Nico Visual on Tuesday. Part of his appearance can be watched here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq0OVtLS5Ts [embed has been disabled]

dwango 01.jpg

+2Collapse )

Source - Dwango / @nico_visual

PLATINUM BOX XVI was released this week. Here is the trailer for it.

The charity auction of a signed shirt in aid of the Tohoku earthquake, raised 536,000 yen

auction 01.jpg

Source - Yahoo auction

VARTIX and GACKT have teamed up with Vision-Megane for a line of sunglasses.

vartix 01.jpg


GACKT has sold his beloved Lamborghini Aventador! It was listed for sale this week, and has since been seen at a car display.

car 02.JPG

+2Collapse )

Both YOU and CHACHAMARU had their hair done ready for the LAST VISUALIVE starting.

2016.03.17 - snowdrop4687 01.jpg


Sources - @snowdrop4687 / @snowdrop4687


Hi bros n sisters. How are you doing? I'm shooting a new music video now. Maybe it will finish around the morning. Awwwww. Anyways, when you have a lot of stress, kick a Mott like this. It's going to leave quickly. Hahaha. Do you understand what I'm doing? If you can kick compactly like this, you can aim your target even you are between narrow walls. Don't swing your legs. Just do it.
@GACKT #gacktworkout #dailyworkout #kick #TKD

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03/31 - TV - Gurunai

04/27 - CD - LAST MOON

♥Game Center♥

Games this week - New Super Mario Brothers U, Spelunker Z, Gotochi Tetsudo~Gotochi Chara to Nihon Zenkoku no Tabi~

I missed SpelunkerCollapse )

♥Photo of the week♥

As always, GACKT's biggest fan, Seito Kaicho, sent some flowers to the first show.

How are you, CAGS!?

So much happened this week....