21 March 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Kaicho would like you to check out these important posts.

第91期 神威♂楽園 de マトメナ祭 INFORMATION POST


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Excite Music updated today with a report from the opening Camui Gakuen show in Nagoya.

The report didn't contain many details so I won't bother translating it when there is already a far more detailed review here in OGYD (cheap plug alert). However, they did post a ton of photos that deserve to be shared!

Excite do say that they will update with another review from the second show in Chiba after the tour has finished. Nagoya had the 神 / kami setlist and the second Chiba show had the 威 / mui setlist, so between the two reports Excite will cover both setlists.

Of course, the Chiba shows have already been reported in OGYD too (another cheap plug)

Beware of spoilers!

Rehearsals and around Nagoya Campus

+32Collapse )

The First Half

+14Collapse )

The Second Half - the live!

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And if anyone isn't quite sure which senpai is which in the group girlie photo...

[now with handy name labels]

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17 December 2014 @ 12:50 am
Information on Geinoujin Kakuzuke Check 2015 is now being (officially) released.

GACKT will be appearing again and his partner is Golden Bomber's Kiryuuin Sho. Their team is called Team 30 Consecutive Right Answers, and is in reference to GACKT's current winning streak.

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This year the teams will be asked to choose the first class item in categories such as wine, food, drama, musical instruments, bonsai and meat.

Will GACKT keep his winning streak going? Will we see KiriSho have a nervous breakdown after destroying that streak?

We'll find out on January 1st!!

Source - Kakuzuke Check OHP / @DamatsuYuji

GACKT is listed as appearing on the TV show Trick Hunter on December 24th.

Currently, his TV appearance schedule is as follows -

12/24 - Trick Hunter
12/29 - Hey! Hey! Hey! 20th Anniversary three hour special
01/01 - Geinoujin Kakuzuke Check 2015 New Year Special
01/03 - VS Arashi 2015 New Year special

Source - Trick Hunter OHP

GACKT will be taking over NicoNico next week. We already know that Camui Gakuen de Matomenasai will be broadcast live on December 24th, but there will also be a special broadcast on December 19th and shows every day inbetween too!

December 19th 22:00~
GACKT blomaga presents Camui♂Gakuen NicoNico Chokaigi 2 [public live broadcast]

To celebrate the complete live broadcast of the ultimate school festive themed entertainment show 'Camui♂Gakuen de Matomenasai', Seito Kaicho, who greatly respects GACKT, will be broadcasting a preparation and review live show from the main NicoNico studio in Ikebukuro!

Program contents
What is Camui♂Gakuen?
Studying the history of Camui♂Gakuen
Studying Camui♂Gakuen de Matomenasai
Camui♂Gakuen de Matomaranakatta talk, etc

[Appearing] GACKT, Shinnosuke Furumoto, DuelJewel (Hayato and Val), Sato, Yuki Kimisawa
※ Yuki Kimisawa will not appear in the members only premium corner

Source - http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv202383640

December 20th 22:00

GACKT Special DAY1 [2013 Camui♂Gakuen de Semenasai] rebroadcast

Source - http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv203568646

December 21st 22:00~

GACKT Special DAY 2 [Camui Gaken school trip 2013]

The following will broadcast from the GACKT variety DVD 'PLATINUM BOX~XIV~'
Camui Gakuen ikemen research department complete version
Camui Gakuen school trip 2013 - this summer, we're going to USJ! Eh, this place looks like Joetsu... "Yeah, let's go to Joetsu!"

Source - http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv203568719

December 22nd 22:00~

GACKT special DAY 3 'GACKT x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra'

Source - http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv203568792

December 23rd 22:00~


Source - http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv203568921

December 24th 15:00~

GACKT blomaga presents 'The 91st Annual Camui♂Gakuen de Matomenasai' complete live broadcast!

Source - http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv202381830

And speaking of Camui Gakuen, here is a photospam from the shows this weekend in Chiba.

KiriSho posing with the cut outs.

+28Collapse )

Mayo Kawasaki attended the show and blogged about the after show end of year bowling party that GACKT and friends had. If you look closely at this photo from the bowling alley, you can see a couple of F9 members and KiriSho there.

+4Collapse )

EGA blog / GACKT Official Facebook / Hayato blog / Hayato blog / Hayato blog/a> / KiriSho blog / Mayo Kawasaki blog / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / Shinnosu blog / YOU Facebook

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14 December 2014 @ 09:07 pm


DECEMBER 14th, 2014

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Everyone in the Christmas spirit yet?

Personally MOD is a little tired of the Xmas season

Reminder for SECRET♥SANTA participants: Send out your gifts by tomorrow!
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Here are reports from the Camui Gakuen shows in Chiba this weekend.

Saturday, December 13th was the 「神 」("kami / ka") setlist as it had been in Nagoya, and Sunday December 14th was 「威」 "mui", for the first time.

Photo credit - GACKT Facebook

Saturday, December 13th

This was similar to Nagoya as it was the same setlist, so I’ll just mention the differences.

Chiba campus day 1 - Kaicho gets scaredCollapse )

Photo credit - GACKT Facebook

Sunday, December 14th

First half - kissy, kissyCollapse )

New setlist!Collapse )

I think I prefer the 'mui' setlist of the two. It's soooooo much fun.

The next Gakuen shows are in Osaka on December 23rd and 24th, with the 24th being broadcast on NicoNico.

It's pretty late right now and I'm a mix of tired but still buzzing from the show, so if there are any typos or anything I haven't explained clearly then please ask!

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12 December 2014 @ 01:44 am
GACKT appeared on FM Yokohama on November 16th, and today the blog of the show M ARENA updated with an entry about his appearance.

The DJ writes that she was impressed with his way of speaking and thought that he smelled good. She also mentions some of the topics talked about during the interview, such as his training and language learning.

Source - M ARENA blog

The 91st Camui♂Gakuen de Matomenasai show in Osaka on December 24th will be broadcast live on NicoNico!!!

Some of the important info -

There is a charge to watch the broadcast (pre-show live report and the event first part is free to view).
Members of GACKT's official NicoNico channel 'OH!!MY!!GACKT!!' can watch the entire event.

There are two ways to watch -
1. Buy a net ticket (bought before the show = 1,800 points / bought on the day of the show = 2,000 points). 1 NicoNico point is 1 yen.
2. Subscribe to the blomaga

To buy a net ticket

Event details
Date: 12/24
Times: 15:00 / gates open at the venue at 17:00 / show starts at 18:00
Place: Osaka / Osaka International Convention Hall Main Hall

Programme timetable
15:00~ on location report
F9 members will also appear!! (free to view)
18:00 ~ Camui♂Gakuen de Matomenasai start (first part is free to view)
19:00 ~ all covers concert from the light music club [paid]

Source - NicoNico link

So, you have to buy a net ticket with NicoNico points. To have NicoNico points, you have to buy them with yen. Apparently NicoNico accepts foreign credit cards. If you log into NicoNico, you can buy points at the site.

Also, the smartphone application LINE Stage has a special, limited time Camui Gakuen stage.

LINE STAGE Camui♂Gakuen version now available!

For a limited period from December 10th to December 17th, a 'GACKT Camui♂Gakuen special version' will be available in LINE Stage (a free iPhone and Android app) . LINE Stage is a rhythm game from the game service LINE GAME, which is operated by LINE Corporation.

Songs that are familiar from GACKT and Gakuensai lives are featured in the game. If you clear a song, then you can get Gakuensai costumes for the LINE characters as a reward!
Please, take up the challenge!

※About LINE Stage
This is the first rhythm game from LINE GAME and is easy enough for anyone to play. Game play involves pressing a button (tap) on the screen or sliding up, down, left or right (flick) in time to the music.
While clearing the stages, you can watch the special unit 'STAGEES', made from popular LINE characters Brown, Cony, Sally and others, grow into superstars.

■ LINE STAGE GACKT Camui♂Gakuen special version

App Store - https://itunes.apple.com/app/id806083596
Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linecorp.LGSTAGE

■Game languages: Japanese, English, Taiwanese, Thai
■Service area: worldwide, excluding South Korea [note - the app is available worldwide, but the Camui♂Gakuen special version may not be]
■Service period: December 10th, 2014 to December 17th, 23:59
■Price: Free (in app purchases)
■Developer: LINE Plus Corporation
■Operated by: LINE Corporation
■Copyright: LINE Plus Corp.

Source - GACKT OHP

So, unfortunately it appears that although the game is available worldwide, the GACKT special is Japan only... Shame, because it's a lot of fun (although Vanilla on Master is EVIL)

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11 December 2014 @ 05:47 pm

Do you know any oversea fans who will be travelling to watch gackt concert?

Thank you.
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10 December 2014 @ 01:49 am
There will be a three hour special to mark the 20th Anniversary of Hey! Hey! Hey! on December 29th and GACKT is one of the artists that will be appearing.

He has a long history of appearing on Hey! Hey! Hey!, so it's good to see him there again!

So far, the TV schedule for GACKT this Christmas/New Year is...

12/29 - Hey! Hey! Hey! 20th Anniversary three hour special
01/01 - Geinoujin Kakuzuke Check 2015 New Year Special
01/03 - VS Arashi 2015 New Year special

Source - natalie.mu

There will be a six page report from Camui Gakuen de Matomenasai in ARENA LIVE vol.2, out on December 19th.

ARENA LIVE official site

Kaicho has stepped down from GACKT's Facebook and it's now back under GACKT's control. It's now mainly advertising the shows with the Tokyo Philharmonic on December 26th.

Before the header and profile image were changed though, GACKT's Facebook hit the milestone of 200,000 likes!

Source - GACKT Official Facebook

A new story has been added to the P.S. I LOVE U app, ready for Christmas.

'A Sweet Xmas Eve', is a Christmas based story.

To celebrate the release of the new story, the app is again giving bonus tickets if you share the app via Twitter, Facebook or LINE.

Source - @gacktapp

It's going to be a busy New Year period, TV wise! It's been a while since that has happened...!

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07 December 2014 @ 04:41 pm


December 7th, 2014

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(oh yessss, Nathan bb, oh yeeeeesss~)

How is your Holiday shopping going, LOVERS?
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07 December 2014 @ 02:13 am
According to some students in Warsaw, Poland, GACKT dropped by their Japanese class today to pay them and their teacher a visit.

Source - Twitter

GACKT updated his blomaga and blog over the last couple of days. He spoke about accepting Kaicho's invitation to watch the first show of the Camui Gakuen de Matomenasai tour in Nagoya last week and kindly shared some photos of Kaicho and the senpais.

From the photos and text in the preview of the blomaga, it appears that Kaicho and F9 filmed the next PLATINUM BOX shortly before the first Gakuen show.

From the blomaga

+7Collapse )

From GACKT's blog

+21Collapse )

Sources - GACKT blomaga / GACKT Blog

At the end of the most recent VS Arashi show, they advertised their New Year special and confirmed the news that GACKT will be a guest.

In a press release that followed shortly afterwards. Arashi discussed GACKT's involvement and they don't exactly seem threatened by him...

In regards to GACKT appearing for the first time in the babanuki game [the card game Old Maid] and whether he was frightened of the countless possibilities of the game, Aiba said "Actually, I wonder if GACKT even knows the rules of the game?". The other members also commented. "If GACKT wears sunglasses it will cause us trouble," said Ohno. Matsumoto suggested with a laugh that "No, maybe we can see the reflection of his cards in his sunglasses."

Source - Crank-In!

GACKT is/was in Poland and he'll be playing Old Maid with Arashi. There's two random things I didn't expect to type in a news update today.

And lol at MatsuJun's logic.

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