21 March 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Kaicho would like you to check out these important posts.


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01 August 2014 @ 11:46 pm
MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden I&II -PREMIUM SOUNDTRACKS- release delayed

Thank you for your continuing support of GACKT.

We are deeply sorry, but the release of MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden I&II -PREMIUM SOUNDTRACKS- is to be delayed.

Orders placed via the GACKT STORE (and postal orders via G&LOVERS) will be shipped in mid-September.
Orders via other sites and stores will be released on October 1st.

There will be a further notification of the exact date of shipment from the GACKT store when it is decided.

Please wait a little longer for the release.

Source - GACKT OHP

However, the MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- novel that GACKT has written came out today as planned.

Copies ordered via G&LOVERS will begin shipping tomorrow.

Photo source - GACKT LINE

Today's game centre video sees GACKT in a new location!

2014.08.01 - Spelunker #4 - even playing games while abroad!?

If you missed it earlier, please check out the response from GACKT to the OGYD birthday messages book! All the details are here!

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01 August 2014 @ 12:58 pm
This year, OGYD collected messages for a Camui Gakuen themed birthday messages book for GACKT. It was professionally printed, and looked like this when finished.

Shortly before GACKT's birthday a few weeks ago I sent the book on so that he would hopefully receive it and look at it.

Well, he did receive it and he did look at it because I got a message back to share with everyone!

"Thanks for giving me a lot of messages. I want to have a world tour. I am looking forward to seeing you in your countries."

I'm really happy that it found its way into GACKT's hands and that he took the time to write a little message for everyone! Makes the stress of getting it together worthwhile, hahaha.

Thanks to everyone who contributed a message and/or photo. It seems that GACKT really appreciated it too!

(And yes, OGYD does still have a rule that any emails etc from GACKT shouldn't be shared in the community, but as this is explicitly a message for everyone, I think that rule can be bent a little on this occasion.)

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01 August 2014 @ 12:03 am
The G&LOVERS staff blog has been updated.

Until the Performance

The hot days are continuing, so is everyone okay?
Everyday, from morning to late at night, GACKT is rehearsing for the play.
Only a few days are left until the first MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden-Chapter Two show!
'GACKT WORLD' will come to life through the largest use of projection mapping in stage history.

People who come to see the play will surely think "I have never seen a play like this before!!"

Source - G&LOVERS staff blog

Yuki Kimisawa, who will play Ginroumaru, shared a two shot photo with GACKT in his blog.

Mayo Kawasaki shared a photo of various cast members and dancers surrounding GACKT.

Shinnosu shared a group shot from the press conference.

GACKT spoke several months ago about selling his McLaren (the car used in the WHITE LOVERS MV) and it's surfaced on a car sales website. No price is listed as you need to contact the showroom to discuss it.

photos under the cut... wait, has he signed the paintwork?!Collapse )

carsensor.net / Mayo Kawasaki blog / Shinnosu blog / Yuki Kimisawa blog

I liked the McLaren the most of all of his super cars so I'm sad to see it go!

And there are only SEVEN DAYS now until MOON SAGA starts!!!! I'm going to the first show and am having trouble deciding what to wear... hahahaha

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31 July 2014 @ 11:02 pm
On July 1st, GACKT and Nestle began a new YouTube series that would see GACKT play a video game everyday for a year.

The first month is over, and this is a review of how it went…

”Megaman 2Collapse )

Super DodgeballCollapse )

River City RansomCollapse )

XeviousCollapse )

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode IICollapse )

SpelunkerCollapse )

2014.07.31 - GACKT’s July review

Other highlights
♥ Megaman 2. Everything about the Megaman 2 videos.
♥ GACKT’s first experience with a Wii remote (River City Ransom #1 video)
♥ GACKT and TAKUMI’s excellent co-operative play
♥ Cute dogs in cute outfits running around in the background

As for August, GACKT says that he will clear Xevious and Spelunker and we should also see him begin to play Final Fight 2, amongst other new games.

So the first month is over. Otsukare, GACKT (and TAKUMI)!

What were your highlights for the month and what games do you want to see GACKT try over the next eleven months?

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More videos and photos from the press conference yesterday!

+26Collapse )

An interview with GACKT about MOON SAGA has been posted here. Alongside the interview, are some nice (and very large) photos.

+4 large photosCollapse )

Two more videos from the press conference.

+1Collapse )

GACKT Facebook / minp! / MOON SAGA FB / Natalie / Ranking Box / Web 1 Week

There are 100+ photos and a video in the entry posted yesterday.

Plus, all of the photos are together in a photo album on OGYD's Facebook

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Translation of the Oricon article.

The heroine in GACKT's play has been chosen – Arisa Kuroda and Hatsune.

On July 29th in a studio in Tokyo, talent Arisa Kuroda (26) and model Hatsune (21) were presented as the actresses chosen to portray the heroine [Hiyori] in MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter Two, the play starring singer GACKT. Over 100 people applied for the role following a public appeal, and after passing through the final auditions and some tough training, Kuroda said “it was a long process, but I'm truly happy” as tears of joy streamed down her face.

In 2012, the play MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- was held and this is Chapter Two of the same story. GACKT is playing the lead role, as well as being responsible for the scenario and script and producing the play. GACKT revealed the criteria he used when selecting an actor for the heroine role “I was always thinking about their potential to express themselves using only their body”. When casting the two actors in the role of the heroine, his assessment was that “from the start, I felt the most potential and essential qualities in them.”

GACKT also said “anyway, we'll try it out. If they're useless then I'll drop them from the role because I'm really cruel.” While Kuroda and Hatsune were upset by this “do-S” remark, GACKT finished with “I want the two of them to fight for this role until the end.”

The play begins on August 8th at Tokyo's Mejiza Theater. After that, it moves to Fukuoka, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Sendai and Saitama.

Original source - Oricon

Many photos have surfaced from the event. Under the cut you'll find 103 photos!

photo heavyCollapse )

Here's a video from the event.


BARKS / Crank In / Daily Sports Online / Eiga.com / Mantan Web / Mayo Kawasaki blog / Model Press / News 24 / Sanspo / TV Asahi / TV Fan / Yahoo

10 days to go!!

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27 July 2014 @ 04:51 pm


JULY 27th, 2014

All community rules still apply here.
→ CAGS will always be posted on Sunday, but the time will differ depending on the MOD in charge.

Anything exciting happening for anyone?
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Translation of the recent article posted by ePlus

The Largest Use of Projection Mapping in the History of the Japanese Stage for GACKT's Historical Fantasy MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter Two.

this is pretty long...Collapse )

That was a lot longer than it looked, hahaha. The use of projection mapping sounds interesting.

Less than TWO WEEKS until it starts!!!

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26 July 2014 @ 11:09 am
GACKT appeared on Hiruan Desu! yesterday.

You can watch his appearance here.

Hirunan Desu!

(If the embed doesn't work, then the link below it should)

The MOON SAGA website has updated with profile photos of the cast in their costumes.

All names are written in the Japanese way (last name, first name) and if there are any errors in the readings, please let me know. I did cross reference them against other sources when I could because names can be weird

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

the restCollapse )

The character chart has also been added to the site now and you can see that here. As you can see, there are no photos for Hiyori and instead she is replaced with the word "secret".

However, when they first uploaded the chart Hiyori was there and I took a screen shot, tweeted it and put it on Facebook... (all before they took it down, may I add)

I knew from blog and twitter updates that two of the Hiyori actresses had been in rehearsals so it looks like they are going with both, and not just choosing one. I wonder if that means we'll get two Hiyoris on stage (like we had two Kages after Saotome Taichi broke his foot) or they will share the role.

And here's another gaming video

2014.07.25 - Xevious #2


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