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21 March 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Kaicho would like you to check out these important posts.

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26 August 2015 @ 11:50 pm

Gackt - Kaicho peace

In October and November, Kaicho and the senpais will be back on the road for this year's Camui Gakuen tour.

92nd Camui♂Gakuen de Dashite Kudasai


Osaka: Gran Cube Osaka Main Hall
Wednesday, October 28th - entry procedures start 16:00, doors open 17:00, show starts 18:00

Hokkaido: Zepp Sapporo
Saturday, October 31st - entry procedures start 14:00, doors open 15:00, show starts 16:00

Aichi: Toyota City Community Center
Tuesday, November 3rd (public holiday) - entry procedures start 14:00, doors open 15:00, show starts 16:00

Tokyo: Toyoso PIT
Thursday, November 5th - entry procedures start 16:00, doors open 17:00, show starts 18:00

Saitama: Omiya Sonic City
Saturday, November 7th - entry procedures start 14:00, doors open 15:00, show starts 16:00

Fukuoka: Zepp Fukuoka
Wednesday, November 11th - entry procedures start 16:00, doors open 17:00, show starts 18:00


Like last year, everyone who attends will get a Kaicho message card that will be different for each venue.

Again, like last year there are different levels of seats. Prices range from 30,000 yen (guaranteed first five rows), 15,000 yen (center, rows 6 to 15), 12,000 yen (left or right, rows 6 to 15) and 8,000 yen (general seats - everything else). Tickets priced between 30,000 yen to 12,000 yen, the premium seats, will get a gift.

Fanclub sales begin on September 1st for the premium seats, and September 10th for the general seats. There is no information about non-fanclub sales yet.

There have been some new BIG CMs on TV the last few days, and they're finally on YouTube.

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Posters for this ad campaign can be seen on various trains throughout Japan, also.

It has been announced that 243,200 people attended the 90th Kenshin Kousai (including 2,500 who attended the day before the festival started). This beats the previous record set in 2010 of 240,211 people.

Source - @jtimesdg

There will be a new GACKT app coming out in October.

You can enjoy the game with GACKT! Smartphone app ‘Gakuen Life Royal Palace’ pre-registration has begun!

gakuen life logo.jpg

The app where you can play the game with GACKT, ‘Gakuen Life’ Royal Palace’, has begun pre-registration!

GACKT becomes the Palace Master in this board game as the GACKT Palace makes an appearance!
While enjoying a chat with GACKT, roll the dice and aim for the Palace Master area!

◆Pre-registration benefits◆
If you register at the site below, after the game is released you will receive 10 tickets to go to the Palaces of GACKT and other celebrities. Also, you will get a present of 1000 yens worth of in game currency to be used on things such as capsule machines!

■For pre-registration, check here!

■Gakuen Life Royal Palace official site

Many famous people other than GACKT are scheduled to appear in the game!
Look forward to hearing more information!

Source - GACKT OHP

That is the most high school boy name for a festival ever

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24 August 2015 @ 12:31 am
Oyakata-sama led his troops into battle at today's Kenshin Kousai.

barks 01.jpg

This year, his army included MOON SAGA actors Takaki Uda and Yuki Kimisawa (Yuki-senpai!!!), GemCEREY/VARTIX CEO Takeshi Nakano, and of course YOU, CHACHA, TAKUMI and Sato.

Under the cut are more professional photos from the event and various photos from the senpais.

+16Collapse )

Sources - BARKS / @CHACHAMARU_YFCz / Joetsu Journal / Joetsu Journal / Joetsu Times / Satos_Cafe_Bar / Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / YOU Facebook / YOU Facebook

The press conference from August 22nd.

Here's a professional video of the parade, from Joetsu Journal.

Here is a recording of the USTREAM, er, stream, of the Battle of Kawanakajima re-enactment. GACKT's next single ARROW starts at 1:35 and is played in its entirety, although some fireworks interrupt the end a little.

If the embed doesn't work, you can access it here

Oyakata-sama looked as majestic as always, but I was ridiculously happy when I spotted Yuki behind him, hahahaha.

Thoughts on ARROW? It's good to hear how the sample on the OHP fits into a song now.

22 August 2015 @ 11:01 pm
GACKT is in Joetsu, ready to reprise his role as Uesugi Kenshin in the 90th Kenshin Kousai.

Today, there was a press conference and he made his annual visit to Rinsenji Temple to lay flowers at Kenshin's grave.

2015.08.22.02 - Joetsu Journal.jpg

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Sources - Jotesu Journal / Joetsu Times

Today was also the first day of the Gakuen camp with the senpais.

2015.08.22 - Sato.jpg

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Sources - Sato's Cafe Bar / @CHACHAMARU_YFCz / @TAKUMI_YFCz / @CHACHAKARU_YFCz

GACKT's appearance at the festival will be streamed online via USTREAM. It starts at 16:00, Japanese time.

You can view it here > http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jcvfan

Just a quick post because I wanted to make sure everyone saw the USTREAM link!

GACKT updated his blog and blomaga too, so check those out!

21 August 2015 @ 01:57 am
GACKT's 46th single will be called 'ARROW' and it will be played for the first time at the Kenshin Kousai this weekend.

It's due for release on October 7th.

Source - GACKT OHP

Some more from GACKT's time in Phuket.

He went cable wakeboarding with Taijiro Nakamura from the company STONE MARKET (they produced the bracelet made for GACKT's 39th birthday).

Wetsuit on...

2015.08.19.02 - Taijiro Nakamura.jpg

...wetsuit (half) off.

2015.08.19.01 - Taijiro Nakamura.jpg

Source - Taijiro Nakamura Facebook

+2 more of GACKT in ThailandCollapse )

So yep, looks like we're hearing new music this weekend! Last year, Akatsukizukuyo was played in part for the first time at the Kousai too.
19 August 2015 @ 01:02 am
GACKT was a guest on Nico Raji Monday yesterday. It was a live broadcast from Phuket, Thailand.

2015.08.18 - Sri Panwa FB.jpg

Sri Panwa Phuket Facebook

Videos of his appearance are under the cut.

Training, kisses, economics and four houses abroad?Collapse )

Gokigenyo!! Kaicho has given us a video comment advertising the upcoming performance of S.E.X JAPAN at the Kishidan Banpaku festival.

This is the video that GACKT talked about in his blog last week.

19 August 2015 @ 12:32 am
Next year will be GACKT’s LAST VISUALIVE, and I know that many LOVERS are thinking of seeing the shows.

This is the OGYD planning post - here we’ll have information on how to get to the shows. It’ll focus mainly on travel and those all important tickets. It will also be the ticket selling/buying post.

Underneath the cut are the tour dates, with some additional information such as capacity, train station information and their websites.

Tour datesCollapse )

Travel information

Train route search sites [will also show flights, if that is an option]

If you are planning on traveling across the country, then a JR pass might be a good investment - http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/

Ticket information

No information yet

G&LOVERS fan club sales
The G&LOVERS lottery begins on September 10th. You have until August 31st to join the fanclub if you want to apply for this ticket lottery.
No further information yet.

General [non-fanclub] sales
No information yet. There will be sales via ePlus (at some point)

Private sales
Extra tickets are often sold via Yahoo Auctions, Ticket Camp and ticket.co.jp. The prices are likely to be high here, and the sites are Japan only.
You may be able to pick up tickets on the day, either as tojitsuken [same day ticket sales in the case of non-sold out shows] or from fans who have extras.

If any OGYD members have any extra tickets, they can be sold here. Any sales are between the buyer and seller, and not the responsibility of OGYD.

Any extra info will be updated in this post. I recommend that if you are thinking of going, that you track this post. Then any comments will be emailed to you directly.
You can track the post by clicking on the pin icon up top (second from the right)

17 August 2015 @ 12:05 am
This week in GACKT-land...


GACKT will be on NicoNico tomorrow, Monday August 17th.

The broadcast will be from Thailand, and why it's from Thailand will hopefully be explained during the broadcast. Viewers are being asked to send in their troubles, as GACKT will be giving advice again.

The 'pre-show' starts from 5pm here > http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv231249397
The main show starts from 7pm here > http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv228969084


GACKT updated his blomaga and blog. He spoke about meeting with Seito Kaicho, as Kaicho was recording a video for the upcoming S.E.X. JAPAN performance at the Kishidan Banpaku festival. GACKT went on a mission to karaoke to find some songs for Kaicho to sing, and then linked that into talking about balancing work and play.


+10Collapse )

Sources - GACKT blog / Blomaga

♥Game Center♥

Extremely hard fight!? GACKT x Max Murai x Get Bass Game Center! Business trip to Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival archive video #7

♥Photo of the week♥

Next weekend is the Kenshin Kousai!!! So, have an Oyakata-sama.

barks 01

The Kousai will be broadcast on local TV in Joetsu again, so that probably means it will be streamed online again, as it has been for the last few years.

CAAAAGS! How was your week?

Anything planned for next week?

Or, any recommendations for Kaicho to sing?

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09 August 2015 @ 11:30 pm

This week in GACKT-land...

Gackt - RRII - U+K - dance.gif

...absolutely nothing happened.

Oh wait...


GACKT VISUALIVE Last Chapter 'LAST VISUALIVE' 2016 tour dates were finally released!


Starting on March 19th with a G&LOVERS only show, it will be a 25 date tour that is scheduled to finish up at Saitama Super Arena on July 2nd.

Full dates are behind the cut.

Tour datesCollapse )

Lots of chatter can be read here - http://ohgacktyoudidnt.livejournal.com/586858.html

The G&LOVERS ticket sales will begin from September 10th. The FC is still only available to those with Japanese addresses, but people who sign up before August 31st will be able to take part in these sales.

There is a nifty new page that talks about the FC and its benefits, and it has a lot of photos that haven't been seen outside of the FC magazines before.

+ a lotCollapse )

Source - https://www.gackt.com/page/fanclub_lp/

[Note - I paraphrased and skipped a couple of things, but all the text accompanying those photos is from the website itself]

Chachamaru has started a new Twitter and Facebook under the name of Cha Club. The purpose of this is not just to deliver Chacha news, but Chacha is also hoping to introduce new artists, pro and amateur, from all over the world.

The Facebook is here > https://www.facebook.com/chaclub33
The Twitter is here > https://twitter.com/ChaclubOfficial
Info on the artist introduction applications is here

Chacha is also launching the second product release of his collaboration with Artemis.

2015.08.08.05 - Chacha.jpg

+9Collapse )


Three more Gakucchi CD cover phone cases are available. They are on sale at Artist Cover

Saikai Story

2015.08.04 - saikai story.jpg

+2Collapse )


GACKT updated his blog and blomaga. He acquired a beach house for a party with his friends.


+6Collapse )

Sources - GACKT blog / GACKT blomaga

A couple more photos from YOU's recent work with S.Q.F

2015.08.03 - YOU.jpg

+1Collapse )

Sources - YOU Facebook / michi blog

♥Game Center♥

Still fishin'

Max Murai's big effort! GACKT x Max Murai x Get Bass Game Center! Business trip to Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival archive video #6

♥Photo of the week♥

This week, it's a video instead.

The VISUALIVE hype video.

So, back onto the LAST VISUALIVE theme. For BOB, we had two big posts to help people who were thinking of attending. One was a ticket post and the other was a general post for everything else. I was thinking that something along the same lines would be useful for the LAST VISUALIVE.

Does anyone have any ideas on what else might be useful?

And of course, it's CAGS time! So, CAGS away! I feel like this is a good week for a GACKT photo and gif spam week. It's been a while since we've had one...
08 August 2015 @ 09:22 am
It will have been seven years since GACKT's last VISUALIVE concept tour, VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II.

In 2016, the curtain will finally rise...


3/19【埼玉】三郷市文化会館 大ホール / [Saitama] Misato City Cultural Hall
3/21【山梨】コラニー文化ホール(山梨県立県民文化ホール) / [Yamanashi] Yamanashi Prefectural Citizen’s Cultural Hall
3/26【大阪】オリックス劇場 / [Osaka] Orix Theater
3/27【大阪】オリックス劇場 / [Osaka] Orix Theater
3/30【神奈川】パシフィコ横浜 国立大ホール / [Kanagawa] Pacifico Yokohama
4/1【新潟】新潟県民会館 大ホール / [Niigata] Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
4/6【兵庫】神戸国際会館 こくさいホール / [Hyogo] Kobe International House
4/7【兵庫】神戸国際会館 こくさいホール / [Hyogo] Kobe International House
4/9【青森】八戸市公会堂 大ホール / [Aomori] Hachinohe City Public Hall
4/10【宮城】仙台サンプラザホール / [Miyagi] Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
4/12【神奈川】鎌倉芸術館 大ホール / [Kanagawa] Kamakura Performing Arts Centre
4/16【長野】ホクト文化ホール 大ホール / [Nagano] Nagano Citizen’s Cultural Center
4/17【石川】本多の森ホール / [Ishikawa] Hondanomori Hall
4/21【広島】上野学園ホール / [Hiroshima] RCC Hall
4/23【岡山】岡山市民会館 / [Okayama] Okayama Civic Hall
4/25【福岡】福岡サンパレスホテル&ホール / [Fukuoka] Fukuoka Sun Plaza Hotel & Hall
4/29【北海道】ニトリ文化ホール / [Hokkaido] Nitori Cultural Hall
4/30【北海道】ニトリ文化ホール / [Hokkaido] Nitori Cultural Hall
5/10【千葉】森のホール21 大ホール / [Chiba] Morino Hall 21
5/14【愛知】名古屋国際会議場 センチュリーホール / [Aichi] Nagoya Congress Center
5/21【愛媛】松山市民会館 大ホール / [Ehime] Matsuyama City Meeting Hall
5/27【東京】東京国際フォーラム ホールA / [Tokyo] Tokyo Internation Forum Hall A
6/15【熊本】市民会館崇城大学ホール(熊本市民会館) / [Kumamoto] Citizens Hall Sojo University
6/17【宮崎】宮崎市民文化ホール 大ホール / [Miyazaki] Miyazaki Citizens Cultural Hall
7/2【埼玉】さいたまスーパーアリーナ / [Saitama] Saitama Super Arena

※March 19th show in Misato City Cultural Hall is fanclub only

Preceeding ticket sales for GACKT OFFICIAL FAN CLUB G&LOVERS members begins from September 10th. It will be for members who join before August 31st.

GACKT's official homepage is still having problems displaying the dates properly, but there is a 15 second clip of new music that plays on the page. You can hear it at the website or these are the direct links to the files in mp3 format, or wav (it's the same).

There is also a VISUALIVE hype video. It promotes the concept in general, more so than gives any specifics about this LAST VISUALIVE.

Much like BOB, we'll get some helpful entries sorted out here in OGYD for people who might want to go to Japan for this.

I've left the Japanese in for the venue names because if you want to Google them and check out access/distance from Tokyo etcetera, it's easier to find the information if you start from Japanese. A lot of the venues do have English sites, or at least English navigation.

It's finally happening... Three years after he first announced it. (But really, it isn't going to finish on July 2nd, now is it??)

Oooh, I can finally change the 201? visualive tag to 2016 visualive now!

RRII - MC - lip bite

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