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21 March 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Kaicho would like you to check out these important posts.

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30 November 2015 @ 01:25 pm
This week in GACKT-land...

the guys have been in Italy for the Yasoukai!


WOWOW broadcast a preview for their coverage of Kishidan Expo 2015. Called Kishidan Expo Prologue, the show broadcast one song from each artist. You can watch a LQ video of the GACKT Presents Camui♂Gakuen section below. The song broadcast is 'Jounetsu no Inazuma", featuring Golden Bomber's Kiryuuin Sho as one of the dancers.

There is a HD version of this out, but it isn't on any streaming sites yet (that I've found, anyway).

A couple of collaboration items of clothing have been on sale for the past couple of weeks. The collaboration is called 'GACKTxRoen produced by HIROMUTAKAHARA' and this week, a comment video from GACKT and photos of him wearing the clothing have been released.

+3 photosCollapse )

The coat is 108,000 yen and the pants are 54,000 yen. Orders close today, November 30th.

Store - GACKT x Roen

GACKT is on the cover of Hot Pepper Beauty's December issue. This is a free magazine that can be picked up from magazine racks scattered across Tokyo. There is also an interview with him inside. You can read the magazine at the website here

hot pepper beauty 01.png

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Source - Instagram / Hot Pepper Beauty / GACKT OHP

The general sales for the LAST VISUALIVE started on Saturday.

The three ticket sites, ePlus, Ticket Pia and Lawson, have sold out of their allocations of tickets for most of the big cities already (of course, Saitama Super Arena is the exception to that). For sales and ticket info, there is an OGYD post here.


Mainly photospams from Italy, courtesy of GACKT and the other band members.


2015.11.23 - GACKT 01.jpg

Recently, I've come to really like walking around the streets. Although being chased by strange kids was scary. Hahaha. I'm really happy to feel a lot of Xmas mood and vibes in a town. Have a great night. I'll go to bed now. #WanderingAroundWithNoMakeUp #DazzlingStreets #MyHairGrew #Xmas

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27 November 2015 @ 01:23 am
GACKT and the band are still in Italy for the Yasoukai, and are still abusing their Instagram accounts.

Note - Anything underlined was originally posted in Japanese.


2015.11.25 - GACKT 01.jpg

I'm kissing my younger brother. We just got to Italy now. We'll have a rehearsal tomorrow so I wonder if I have a sleep a little. But I'm really wide awake because of a jet lag.
#GACKTstagram #ROME
#Italy #Yasoukai #Jetlag

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Sources - GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / Sato Instagram / Sato Instagram

GACKT is on the cover of Hot Pepper Beauty's December issue. This is a free magazine that can be picked up from magazine racks scattered across Tokyo. There is also an interview with him inside. You can read the magazine at the website here

hot pepper beauty 01.png

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Source - Hot Pepper Beauty / GACKT OHP

Another couple of photos from VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY and a multilingual report have been posted.

jrock tokyo 01.jpg

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You can read the report here.

The broadcast schedule for WOWOW's broadcast of Kishidan Expo has been announced.

barks 06.jpg

11/28 - WOWOW LIVE - Prologue
GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen 'Jounetsu no Inazuma'

12/5 - WOWOW Live - Day 1
GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen 'WHITE BREATH'
GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen 'Jounetsu no Inazuma'
Kishidan, Seito Kaicho & Golden Bomber 'One Night Carnival'

Source - WOWOW

Don't forget the Secret Santa!

26 November 2015 @ 01:12 am


Hello there, LOVERS

I bet you all have noticed that the Holidays are upon us! No matter what you celebrate, we hope you will have a good one. Spreading some Holiday spirit, OGYD would like to invite you all to the fifth annual OGYD Secret Santa project!

stitch - christmas.gif

Please make sure you read everything below before applying, so there will be no misunderstandings!

What is a Secret Santa?
A Secret Santa is an anonymous benefactor, meaning you send a physical or virtual gift to someone anonymously. This person will not know your username.

25 November 2015 @ 12:48 am
GACKT and the band have set out for Italy, ready for the Yasoukai this week.

Before leaving, GACKT and TAKUMI updated their Instagrams a few times (anything underlined was originally in Japanese).


2015.11.24 - GACKT 01.jpg

Really sleepy yet but I have to get ready to leave for Italy. Wake up G!! I'm going to Italy!

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Source - GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / GACKTstagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram

A couple of collaboration items of clothing have been on sale for the past couple of weeks. The collaboration is called 'GACKTxRoen produced by HIROMUTAKAHARA' and today, a comment video from GACKT and photos of him wearing the clothing have been released.

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The coat is 108,000 yen and the pants are 54,000 yen. Orders close on November 30th.

Store - GACKT x Roen

GACKT talking about Christmas reminded me about the Secret Santa thing that we do every year. I'd forgotten about that, hahahaha. Look for a hastily thrown together sign up post soon!! orz...

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23 November 2015 @ 01:15 am
This week in GACKT-land...

Ohdoya - hit


Rehearsals for the acoustic live at the Yasoukai [fanclub trip] XIV to Rome have begun.

The band for the show will be YOU & CHACHAMARU on guitar, Sato on bass and TAKUMI on percussion. The band have posted a few photos from the rehearsals.

YOU took at least one of the photos, although he's not present in any.

2015.11.21 - Chachamaru 01.jpg

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Sources - CHACHAMARU Instagram / CHACHAMARU Instagram / Sato Instagram / Sato / TAKUMI Instagram

Before the Yasoukai rehearsals started, TAKUMI was in Thailand with GACKT. While there, they did some late night Game Center filming.

2015.11.19 - TAKUMI 01.jpg

General sales (first come, first served style) for the LAST VISUALIVE start on November 28th at 10am. They can be bought from ePlus, Lawson Ticket or Ticket Pia. Be aware that not all sites have every show for sale.



2015.11.14 - GACKT 01.jpg

At an airport

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Source - GACKTstagram


2015.11.28 - WOWOW Live - 18:30~20:15 - Kishidan Expo Prologue [WOWOW is free to view for this show]
2015.12.05 - WOWOW Live - 12:30~18:30 - Kishidan Expo first day [this is the day GACKT presents Camui Gakuen appeared]

♥Game Center♥

Games this week - Mario Party 10, Mega Man X, TOKYO JUNGLE

GACKT"s niece Mai joins the party and TOKYO JUNGLE now has dinosaursCollapse )

♥Photo of the week♥

Another Gakuensai photo, courtesy of Disk Garage.

disk garage 02.jpg

Long time, no see CAGS!!
How has everyone been?

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16 November 2015 @ 12:23 am
The final show of the Camui♂Gakuen de Dashite Kudasai was early this week in Fukuoka, so here's the third (and probably final) round up of photos and things.

Part I / Part II

Here are some photos from the shows, thanks to Excite Music.

excite music 01.jpg

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A few photos were posted to the app 'mate'

mate 03.jpg

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And here are many backstage photos and selfies, thanks to the senpais.

2015.11.12 - Takumi 01.jpg

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Yuki-senpai tweeted to say that when he looked at the camera roll of his phone, somebody had spammed it full of miso soup photos. The final photo was a selfie of the culprit...

No prizes for guessing whoCollapse )

And finally, here are all of the life sized cut outs and Kaicho message cards from the tour.

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Sources - CHACHAMARU Instagram / CHACHAMARU Instagram / CHACHAMARU Instagram / @CHACHAMARU_YFCz / @CHACHAMARU_YFCz / @CHACHAMARU_YFC / Excite Music / @funkshiroki / Sato blog / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / Sato Instagram / Sato Instagram / @shinnosu8011 / Shinnosu Instagram / Takeshi Nakano Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / YOU Facebook / @yukikimisawa / @yukikimisawa

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy and traveling a lot, and LJ isn't the easiest thing to update from a phone. Things should be quieter now, and I plan on updating on things missed and adding all of the Gakuensai photos into one huge Facebook album during this week

09 November 2015 @ 01:00 am
More news and photos from Camui Gakuen!

You can find the first general Gakuensai round-up post here > http://ohgacktyoudidnt.livejournal.com/596730.html

Firstly, here are some new photos from VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY.

ranking box 02.jpg

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On November 5th was Gakuensai at Toyosu [Tokyo] Campus.

Pokota-senpai was a guest and joined Kaicho and the senpais for the performance of Koakuma Heaven.

2015.11.06 - YOU 01.jpg

+17Collapse )

November 7th was Omiya Campus. It was broadcast live on NicoNico.

2015.11.08 - GACKT FB.jpg

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Some videos from the NicoNico show have been uploaded to DailyMotion and NicoNico (you need to log in to NicoNico to watch them, but I don't think you need to be a paid member).

I don't know how to embed from NicoNico and I still can't get embed codes from Daily Motion to work correctly, so everything is text links.

Bump of Chicken - 'Tentai Kansoku'

T.M. Revolution/T.M. Network mash up - 'GET de Hot de WILD na HIGH PRESSURE'

Mr. Children - 'Dakishimetai'

Ayaka - 'Mikazuki'

Morning Musume - 'LOVE Machine Harenchi'

Photo Sources - BARKS / Chachamaru Instagram / GACKT FB / @pokotaegamyer / @pokotaegamyer / Ranking Box / Sato Instagram / Sato Instagram / Sato Instagram / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / Shinnosu Instagram / Shinnosu Instagram / Shinnosu Instagram / @siteqube / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / YOU FB / YOU FB

05 November 2015 @ 11:59 am
The 92nd Camui Gakuen de Dashite Kudasai started at Osaka Campus on October 28th, before traveling to Hokkaido Campus for Halloween and Aichi Campus on November 3rd.

It seems a good time for a recap post!

All of the photos posted have been posted publicly by Kaicho, the senpais or news outlets. However, some of the photos are spoilers for the shows, so if you want to avoid knowing anything, don’t open the LJ cut!

excite 02.jpg

+75Collapse )

At all of the shows, the senpais have been selling bromides again as part of their sales contest. The two teams are -

Team A - Yuki-senpai, Ma-senpai, Rassan-senpai, Tennen-senpai and Yusuke-senpai.
Team B - YOU-senpai, TAKUMI-senpai, Sato-senpai, Val-senpai, Hayato-senpai and Shinnosu-senpai.

The teams are selling different bromides and are, in fact, selling their own bromides. So, Team B are only selling bromides featuring the senpais in Team B, and Team A are selling bromides featuring themselves and Kaicho. If you want the full set, you need to go to both teams. Also, you can’t get Kaicho bromides by going to Team B.

The rest of this is spoilery, so it’s going under a spoilers cut.

[spoilers ネタバレ]
As always, Gakuensai is split into two halves - the entertainment show and the performance by the music club.

The show starts as is customary with the school bell, school anthem and speech by the vice-principal. His name is Kamei and in Hokkaido for the Halloween show he was dressed as a turtle version of Piccolo from Dragonball Z, as the Kame part of his name means turtle in Japanese.

Then out comes Kaicho to the sounds of ‘Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume’, he gives a speech, announces the winners of the Miss and Mister Balue Hearts competition and introduces F9. Kaicho gives each senpai a nickname, but I can remember them other than Mr. Slow Motion for YOU-senpai and Mr. Prince [face] mole for Val-senpai. Kaicho then announces the winner of the senpai sales contest.

So far, the winners have been-

Osaka - TAKUMI-senpai
Hokkaido - Sato-senpai (his hometown)
Aichi - Yuki-senpai.

After introducing the senpais, Kaicho leaves the stage. The senpais dance to Paparapa briefly before they leave too.

Shinnosu-senpai, who isn’t introduced by Kaicho at the start, comes out dressed in his costume from the MOON SAGA parody show. After speaking to the crowd for a little while, he starts to answer some questions that fans wrote before the show. The questions can be a little random and have so far included “what color are your pants?”, “what Halloween costume do you like?” and “when will there be an international fanclub?”

After Shinnosu-senpai has finished stalling for time, the senpais come back out dressed in the new Gakuen training outfits ready for the games. The games are designed to test their strength and spirit, and like last year Kaicho comes out to watch and laugh.

The first test is “what’s in the box?” Like last year, a senpai has to put his hand in a box and guess what is in inside. In Osaka, the first box was an iguana and the second box cockroaches, in Hokkaido it was snakes and then millipedes, and in Aichi it was an owl and mealworms.

With the snakes in Hokkaido, Kaicho was giving the senpais asked to play the game (two of the new dancers) advice on how to touch the snakes safely. As soon as the game was over, Kaicho went over to the box, put his hand in and picked up one of the snakes. He tried to get it out of the box, but wasn’t successful. He was really calm and confident with the snakes. When the millipedes came out next, he reverted back to freaking out.

Kaicho = good with reptiles, still a baby when it comes to bugs.

The second challenge is sushi roulette. Each senpai eats a piece of sushi, but two are spiked with wasabi. In Osaka, this game didn’t work very well as they began by getting the senpais to choose one at a time and the first two who chose, Rassan-senpai and Val-senpai, got the spiked ones. They changed it in Hokkaido and Aichi so that everyone eats at the same time. The senpais who get the spiked sushi try to hide it, but are usually not successful.

After this, Kaicho chooses somebody for the batsu game. In Osaka it was Val-senpai, in Hokkaido it was TAKUMI-senpai and in Aichi it was Rassan-senpai. The batsu game is chosen by spinning a wheel that has several options. One of the options is to kiss Kaicho, and TAKUMI-senpai was kinda eager to do that one while he still had his mouth full of wasabi! The second part of the batsu game is to be the lead dancer and singer for a short blast of Koakuma Heaven.

Then, it’s interval time.

As always, the music section starts with a video. Yuki-senpai arrives at school and still wants to take over. He meets the four new dancers, who look kinda feral, and they attack him. Kaicho comes to Yuki’s rescue and transforms into a Gundam, shooting the four dancers (and later Yuki-senpai) while doing Gundam impressions.

The live starts with a very short blast of Hotei’s “Thrill”. The first proper song is Bump of Chicken’s “Tentai Kansoku”. For this song, Kaicho asks everyone to take off their necktie or ribbon and swing it around.

The next song was by T.M. Revolution. Kaicho explained that Nishikawa-kun has many good songs, many of them with a summer theme, so let’s perform two - “Hot Limit” and “High Pressure”. But, T.M. Revolution is similar to T.M. Network, so let’s do the T.M. Network song “Get Wild” too! I can’t remember the correct title for this T.M Revolution/T.M Network mash-up, but the three songs were stitched together quite well. There were different hand actions for each song, and the senpais went to different sides of the stage depending on the song. Kaicho got a little confused about what side of the stage to be on in Hokkaido, and I’m not sure if that was a genuine mistake or part of the show.

Somewhere around here, Kaicho explained a new Gakuensai word - “yorotikuv”. It also has a few hand gestures. For “yoro”, you make a heart shape with your hands. For “tiku” you stretch your arms out and put your hands in front of you with your index and middle finger in the shape of sideward Vs. And then for “v”, you put your fingers, still in this V shape, on your nipples. If you watched the LINE LIVE CAST then you might have seen the senpais do this a couple of times. Whenever Kaicho says “isshou ni” [together] everybody responds with “yorotikuv”.

Kaicho said that there had been many requests for them to perform the Bz Ultra Soul Medley on this tour. So, this time, they’re doing “Bz Ultra Soul Medley Part II”. It features nine songs, but Kaicho said not to worry and that they have time to do nine songs, just like he has time to do his long MCs. The first song, “LOVE PHANTOM”, and the last song, “Koi Gokoro”, are the same but the rest are different. There’s a lot of English lyrics, and in Osaka they’d managed to misspell “communication” when they showed the song titles on the big screen. It was corrected for Hokkaido.

Next, was a song by G-G-G-G-GACKT. Kaicho explained that they had planned to do “Jounetsu no Inazuma” again, but Kaicho wanted another fun song instead and so changed the plan the day before the tour started. It stressed the senpais and made them sweat a bit! It also made Kaicho sweat… The GACKT song chosen is “Koakuma Heaven”, but it’s performed at high speed - so it’s considerably faster than the regular version. Kaicho said that there are a lot of hand actions for the song. In fact, there are too many for him to explain so he won’t bother. And the fans had better get the movements right, because Kaicho and the senpais are going to be copying the fans. This song was done without the school blazers and wearing cat ears.

The next couple of songs are the customary ballads. The band are all wearing black coats and Kaicho has his fur coat. He has a “conversation” with a female student, and offers his coat, while he’s still wearing it, to warm her up. It’s a cute link into saying “Dakishimete”, the title of the next song by Mr. Children. A recording of this was included on the nine.nine boxset.

Following “Dakishimete”, is “Mikazuki” by Ayaka. This performance is amazing… The arrangement is very bare and the band only play parts of it - the rest is Kaicho and a piano led backing track. Kaicho really lets rip with some notes in this, and sounds fantastic.

Then, it’s time for one of the audio skits while senpais are getting changed. Only this time, the skit isn’t just audio, it’s performed on stage. It’s two weeks before Gakuensai starts, and Hayato-senpai, Yuki-senpai and the four dancers come out on stage to practice. They say that there is nobody in the hall, but if they try hard enough, maybe they can hear a crowd reaction! The dancers and sometimes Yuki-senpai, do little performances and impressions. The best one I saw, was Yuki-senpai impersonating Kaicho, if Kaicho was a train station employee charged with organising people on the train platforms. In Hokkaido, they did this skit in the nurse uniforms.

After they’ve finished, Val-senpai comes on stage dressed for the Balue Hearts set and freaking out about how the set is going. The rest of the band follow him shortly afterwards. Again, in Hokkaido they wore the nurse uniforms. Val-senpai introduces them - Shin-chan (Shinnosu-senpai) on bass, Same-chan (TAKUMI-senpai) on drums and Gasshi (Kaicho) on guitar. They all ignore him.

The first song that the Balue Hearts play is The Blue Hearts’ “Hito ni Yasashiku”. The last line of the chorus line in the original version is “Ganbare” [do your best], but they change it to “Okibari”, which has the same meaning, but is Gakuensai language. Val-senpai tries to talk to the band again, but they still ignore him. Shin-chan tries to fight him, Gasshi accidentally on purpose nearly smacks Val-senpai with his guitar and Same-chan acts like he isn’t there.

Val-senpai is fantastic and really funny during this. He usually makes Shinnosu-senpai break character and laugh, and sometimes gets Kaicho smiling too. TAKUMI-senpai has the best and most consistent angry face ever, though. The final Balue Hearts song is “Chiisana Koi no Uta” by MONGOL 800.

While the stage is being set up for the next set, an audio skit plays where Yuki-senpai is worried. S.E.X JAPAN are set to take the stage to do their X Japan covers, but this year there is no Toshi-senpai and there is nobody else who can sing! Yuki-senpai gets a phone call from YOU-senpai and it is explained that Kaicho is sorting it out and has gone to France.

In Osaka, as soon as France was mentioned about 75% of the crowd screamed because they knew what was coming…

For the S.E.X Japan set it is YOU-senpai and TAKUMI-senpai on guitar, Sato-senpai on bass and Kaicho, in a great new wig, on drums. And the singer is Chacha-senpai!! The first year that Chacha-senpai sat out Gakuen, the reason given was that he was in France, so apparently Kaicho went to France to get him back. S.E.X JAPAN perform “Silent Jealousy” and “X”. It’s the same X set as always, but it’s good to have Chacha-senpai back!

A video shows next, and Yuki-senpai has drawn up some complicated plans on the blackboard, that also involve other schools - the Kishidan, VAMPS, Golden Bomber and LUNA SEA schools. He needs some help so he wanders around the school grounds. He finds YOU-senpai and Sato-senpai relaxing together in a hot spring, and Hayato-senpai, Val-senpai, TAKUMI-senpai and Shinnosu-senpai locked in a tough battle of Twister in a classroom. None of them will help him, so he tries the room that belongs to the dancers. He finds them half naked and half wearing the girls uniforms. Finally, he goes to Kaicho with his worries of the future of Camui Gakuen and Kaicho… does something. I don’t actually remember what Kaicho does…

It’s time for the last song, and it’s a cover of Morning Musume’s “Love Machine”. Everyone, including Chacha-senpai, is in the girls uniforms and wearing cat ears. The lyrics have been changed to fit Camui Gakuen. The chorus line involves the crowd singing “yoro-yorotikuv” and “Seito Kaicho”, and at one point they even manage to get a magnum reference in the lyrics. Kaicho sings his lines in his falsetto/girl voice, but other members sing in overly gruff male voices and dance in a more masculine way (on purpose).

A few cries of “gokigenyo” later, and it’s finished.

Today is Tokyo Campus!

The show in Saitama on Saturday will be broadcast live on NicoNico - http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv239392789

Photo sources -
@CHACHAMARU_YFCz / @CHACHAMARU_YFCz / @CHACHACMARU_YFCz / @CHACHAMARU_YFCz / Excite Music / GACKT FB / GACKT FB / GACKT FB / GACKT Instagram / GACKT Instagram / GACKT Instagram / GACKT Instagram / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / Sato Instagram / @Satos_Cafe_Bar / Sato Instagram / Sato Instagram / Sato Instagram / @shinnosu8011 / @shinnosu80 / @shinnosu80 / TAKUMI Instagram / TAKUMI Instagram / YOU FB / YOU FB / YOU Facebook / Yuki Kimisawa Instagram / @yusuke0343 / @yusukue0343

04 November 2015 @ 12:16 am
On October 29th, GACKT appeared at an event at Nescafe's cafe in Harajuku to promote the Nescafe Shun Meguri Cafe. This is a cafe opened for only a limited time, from October 30th to November 6th, and the cafe has the theme of autumn colors. Using a 4K HD video, visitors can experience the colors of autumn as if they were real.

At the press conference held at the event, GACKT also gave a PR comment advertising the cafe in English, as he hopes that foreign visitors will also enjoy experiencing the colors of a Japanese autumn. He was asked about dressing up as a nurse at VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY, and said that he was surprised himself by the photos, and thought that his arms were too thick obviously, everyone was very confused here because it was Kaicho that dressed up, not GACKT

Other than that, he was mainly asked the same questions as he was at the last Nescafe event...

crank in 04.jpg

+63Collapse )

There are several videos from the event, also.

Excite Japan (you can hear his English PR comment from 4:40)

+5Collapse )

Photo sources - Billboard / Crank In / Excite / Hochi / Maker News / Model Press / Music Voice / Oricon / Sponichi / Walker Plus / Woman Insight

Okay, slowly clearing the backlog of stuff that accumulated while I was away.

Next on the list of updates is Camui Gakuen! Expect a gazillion photos and a report from that one!

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