mjspice (mjspice) wrote in ohgacktyoudidnt,

たかの友梨さんが 「GACKTさんみたいに…」/Like Takano Yuri's GACKT CM

Apparently there was a conference for the new Takano Yuri CM which features Gouriki Ayame & PON had talk with them. They mentioned GACKT, saying how only a male body like his can do a (nude?)role in CM like Takano Yuri. XDDDD

No videos yet but will update if it's up. All credits to GAWA・MISARA for the talk & the caps & Miku for the explanation.

& the GACKT CM in question XD:


Mods, can we also have a "tv: pon" tag too? :/
Tags: tv
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