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There are only two rules when it comes to joining OGYD

1. be a GACKT fan
2. be human

The community is on moderated membership to ensure that there are no bot accounts that join and to try and weed out any potential trolls.

After you request to join OGYD, your LJ and profile is then checked for life and signs of humanity.

If your LJ is new and blank, with no entries, comments or information in your profile, then the request will not be approved. Instead, you'll get a PM to check that you're a fan and human.

So if you want to join OGYD and your LJ is blank, please ensure that you have PMs switched on!

As only maintainers (and not MODS) can deal with membership requests, it means that there is currently only one person approving them. If you're not approved immediately or don't receive a PM quickly, it will be due to time zones, business and other boring things. If you want to speed the process up a little, then send a PM to pyroyale confirming your human status.

You can also join OGYD (and LJ) with a Twitter or Facebook account.

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