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[news] Oshiro Tours & Random notes

GACKT appeared on the TV show Oshiro Tours [Castle Tours] tonight and was at Kumamoto Castle.

You can watch the show here

GACKT is still playing video games.

2014.07.22 - Xevious #1 Shooting Game Challenge! (new game!)

2014.07.21 - Megaman 2 #7 GACKT vs. Airman (in my opinion this is the funniest one yet)

2014.07.20 - River City Ransom #7 An Unexpected Barrier?

2014.07.19 - Super Dodge Ball #7 Strongest Opponent, Americans!

Sato was at GACKT's house this weekend for some shooting and a couple of photos of him relaxing with Angie have been posted.

The deadline for ordering the body pillow version of the new single Akatsukizukuyo-DAY BREAKERS- and the MOON SAGA soundtracks that come with a mini-uchiwa (fan) is tomorrow (July 23rd). You can order them from either the domestic or international GACKT stores.

You can now vote on the ringtone that you want GACKT to voice. You can see the candidates and choose on the website here -

If you have a Twitter, please follow the MOON SAGA Official account @MoonSaga2014

@Satos_Cafe_Bar / Staff blog

If you watch that Megaman 2 #7 video, you can almost pinpoint the moment where GACKT starts to loose all hope and realises that no amount of sponsorship money is worth putting himself through such torture.

It's fantastic XD

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