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Week in Review & CAGS!!

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


GACKT will be part of the Japanese dubbing cast for the movie 'Kong: Skull Island.' He will voice the role of Captain James Conrad, played by Tom Hiddleston. The movie is out in Japan on March 25th!


Source - GACKT OHP

tsumi no keisho.jpg

Tsumi no Keisho~ORIGINAL SIN~ will be available for download via iTunes and other providers from February 22nd! The CD is due to be released on March 22nd.

Source - GACKT OHP

GACKT's Official YouTube and HMV Japan both posted a video promoting the LAST VISUALIVE DVD and Blu-ray.

You can order it via HMV Japan until February 14th >

GACKT is on the cover of YOUPAPER Music, Vol.32.

YOU Paper.jpg

You can buy it here > YOU Paper

YOU did an instore event with S.Q.F. in Hokkaido.

2017.01.30 - YOU.jpg

Source - YOU Facebook

A couple of photos from TAKUMI...

2017.02.03 - Takumi Weibo 01.jpg
2017.01.31 - Takumi.jpg

Sources - TAKUMI Weibo / TAKUMI Instagram

Chacha renewed his driving licence. The two photos were taken five years apart. Can you see any difference??

2017.02.04 - Chacha.jpg


Yuki Kimisawa celebrated his 32nd birthday this week! Happy birthday, Yuki!

2017.01.31 - Yuki Kimisawa 01.jpg

2017.01.31 - Yuki Kimisawa 02.jpg
2017.01.31 - Yuki Kimisawa 03.jpg
2017.01.31 - Yuki Kimisawa 04.jpg

Source - @yukikimisawa

This week, there was an article about GACKT in the tabloid Shuukan Bunshun. Usually, OGYD stays away from tabloid stories and rumors, but GACKT commented on it himself in his blog and Instagram posts, so to understand his comments, you need to know the story he’s commenting on.

The story headline was “GACKT’s ex-lover attempts suicide”, and the basic story reported by the tabloid is that GACKT met Ms. A, a gravure idol (a type of bikini model, I guess is a way of explaining that) during his fundraising for the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami. They hooked up, and had a sex friends relationship for a few years. Ms. A met Mr. H, a manager of GACKT’s, and the pair got engaged. Mr. H ended it, and both he and GACKT cut off contact with Ms. A, leading her to becoming depressed and she attempted suicide. There were other little bits in the article unrelated to this larger story, such as GACKT having a ‘Pleasure Squad’ of women, mainly hostesses, that he would call and hook up with.

GACKT commented on this on both his Instagram and his blog, and you can see his responses below...


2017.01.30 - G insta.jpg

I had a good workout and recording today and just finished broadcasting now. Well go have dinner. Have a good night.

2017.02.02 - GACKTstagram.jpg

It's too malicious... Thanks for the fucking negative campaign!!!!!!!!
[The picture is a close up of the headline of the tabloid. It shows that the “ex” part of “ex-lover” is written in really, really small text. One of GACKT’s Japanese hashtags spells out “sentence spring” - this is because the kanji that make up “Bunshun”, part of the tabloid's name, are literally “sentence” and “spring”. He’s mocking the tabloid. Others say "but I'm single", "is this report related to me?" and "lol"]

2017.02.03 - GACKTstagram.jpg

I'm still shooting MV 'Original Sin'. We are really behind the schedule. It'll finish tomorrow,,, OMG. This is today's makeup. Shall I make you my doll!!!!!!!! Bite you!!
[In the Japanese, GACKT doesn’t say “doll”, instead he uses “Pleasure Squad”, so he’s making a joke of the article again]

2017.02.04 - G Insta.jpg

Actually I'm on board now. We had a wonderful shoot last night. It was really tired though.
[In the Japanese, GACKT makes a joke about writing a book called “How to make a Pleasure Squad”]

Source - GACKTstagram

♥GACKT Ameba & Weibo♥

2017.01.30 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.01.30 - Weibo 09.JPG
2017.01.30 - Ameba 01.jpg
2017.01.30 - Ameba 02.jpg
2017.01.30 - Ameba 03.jpg
2017.01.30 - Ameba 04.jpg
2017.01.30 - Ameba 06.jpg
2017.01.30 - Ameba 07.jpg

He wrote about how pleased he is with the results of using Metal Muscle HMB. After training, showering, getting dressed and taking his selfies, he went into the lobby and found Val asleep after training. Then it was recording, there’s not much left to finish now. His business partner from the Philippines came, so they went out to eat. GACKT commented on how quickly his partner’s kids are growing up, and finished by saying he wants to finish the recording tomorrow.

2017.01.31 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.01.31 - Weibo 09.jpg

The recording of the new song is finished, and GACKT is pleased with it. He feels it would sound good with an orchestra too. He had fun doing his blomaga broadcast, had a shower afterwards and took a butt shot (as you do). He had dinner with friends, including with the Philippines business partner, who should have left yesterday, but missed his flight.

2017.02.01 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.01 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.01 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.01 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.01 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.01 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.01 - Ameba 03.jpg
2017.02.01 - Ameba 04.jpg
2017.02.01 - Ameba 08.jpg

GACKT talked about being asked why his clothing style is the same in Japan, as it is in hot countries. He said that short sleeves and shorts are ok for tourists going between the hotel and beach, but not for regular living as mosquitoes will eat you up. He went to the Ritz Carlton to eat Chinese food, and was disappointed that his regular favorite dishes weren’t on the menu as they had a special Chinese New Year menu instead. He told Takumi to put some space between them as people would get the impression they were on a date, and Takumi didn’t see a problem with people having that impression! Then he talked about poker for awhile...

2017.02.02 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.02.02 - Weibo 09.jpg
2017.02.02 - Ameba 03.PNG
2017.02.02 - Ameba 04.PNG
2017.02.02 - Ameba 06.PNG
2017.02.02 - Ameba 07.PNG
2017.02.02 - Ameba 08.PNG
2017.02.02 - Ameba 10.PNG
2017.02.02 - Ameba 11.PNG
2017.02.02 - Ameba 13.PNG

First, GACKT explains that he takes a shirtless photo daily when he changes so that he can track his training progress. He has a training group on LINE, and sends these photos to them. He says that he doesn’t like taking these photos, although it probably looks like he does…

He then goes onto the tabloid story. He says that the Mr. H is Henmi, and that Henmi met Ms. A, they fell in love and got engaged. GACKT even wished Ms. A good luck in her future marriage. However, they split up, and GACKT says that as it was purely between Henmi and Ms. A, he didn’t get involved. [Well, until a tabloid decided to drag him into it...] Henmi is getting pinched as punishment for not taking care of his own mess.

2017.02.03 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.02.03 - Weibo 09.jpg
2017.02.03 - Ameba 01.PNG

GACKT came back to Japan. He complained about how long the corridors are in Narita airport, compared to Haneda. He also complained about the surly customs officers, and that they are the first people tourists interact with so they should give a better impression. He went to the dentists, and also the hair removal clinic.

2017.02.04 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.04 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.04 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.04 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.04 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.04 - Weibo 06.JPG
2017.02.04 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.04 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.02.04 - Weibo 09.jpg
2017.02.04 - Ameba 03.jpg
2017.02.04 - Ameba 06.jpg
2017.02.04 - Ameba 08.jpg
2017.02.04 - Ameba 09.jpg
2017.02.04 - Ameba 10.jpg

GACKT shot the MV for the his next single. All of the other scenes were shot first, and GACKT was scheduled to start filming at 10pm. He started at 2am, hahahaha. It was really cold in the studio, and he finally finished filming around 5am. At the shoot, everyone celebrated the birthdays of Val, and GACKT’s hair and make up artist Kohta Tanabe.

2017.02.05 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.05 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.05 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.05 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.05 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.05 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.05 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.05 - Weibo 08.jpg

GACKT left Japan and went back to Malaysia. He arrived at 4am, and the airport was, of course, empty. He went home and wanted to sleep but there were Chinese New Year celebrations outside, so he couldn't sleep.

Source - GACKT Weibo / GACKT blog


02/14 - Goods - Last day to order the LAST VISUALIVE DVD & Blu-ray
02/22 - Single - 罪の継承~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Tsumi no Keishou~ORIGINAL SIN~) available digitally

03/14 - Goods - LAST VISUALIVE DVD & Blu-ray
03/15 - Goods - Platinum Box XVII
03/22 - Single - 罪の継承~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Tsumi no Keishou~ORIGINAL SIN~)

2017 Spring - Movie - ‘Karanukan’

♥Photo of the week♥

From the music video shoot this week... GACKT's hair and make up stylist Kohta Tanabe is proud of his wig making skills!

2017.02.05 - Kohta Tanabe.jpg

Source - Instagram

Ahhh, I've been so bad at updating these recently. I vow to do better.

If, after reading the summary of the tabloid story, you're wondering what it has to do with GACKT, you're not the only one. I saw a few articles in the days that followed it being published that were collections of reactions from people online. Typically, the average user of bulletin boards in Japan is quite quick to believe tabloids and put the boot in to celebrities, but even they were saying "what does this have to do with GACKT?"

OGYD Twitter / OGYD Facebook / OGYD Instagram

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