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Week in Review & CAGS!!

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


GACKT is on the cover, and is the lead feature in YOUPAPER Music (vol.32)

you paper.jpg

It can be ordered here - YOUPAPER Store. According to the site information, they will ship internationally.

Orders for the LAST VISUALIVE DVD end on February 14th! Here's a couple of previews.

GACKT played host to some friends and their kids this week. You can read more about that in his blog.

2017.02.07 - Kaori Arasaki.jpg

Source - Instagram

It was YOU's birthday on February 10th! He blessed us with this lovely baby photo.

2017.02.10 - YOU FB.jpg

Source - YOU Facebook

Some photos from TAKUMI, who has been updating his Weibo in English lately, for some reason...

2017.02.09 - Takumi.jpg

Mastering some music

2017.02.12 - Takumi Weibo 01.jpg

TAKUMI and Val went to Osaka to see Sekai no Owari in concert.

Sources - TAKUMI Weibo / TAKUMI Instagram

Former GACKTJob bass player Chirolyn is recording an acoustic album, and YOU will be a guest!

2017.02.07 - Chirolyn.jpg

Source - @Chirolyn_1965


I think this is definitely NSFW this week...

2017.02.08 - GACKTstagram.jpg

I'm stuck in a heavy traffic jam and stopped the car because of gas empty... Sad... I took my leg in the morning, it is not totally related with this situation... But looks so funny, right? Sigh..

2017.02.10 - GACKTstagram.jpg

A friend gave me a call and said " don't post a girl leg!!" Hey hey, it's mine. So I'll post 2 pics, before-after. Yeah it's man's leg!!

My staff is sleeping as chanting an incantation...let her baaaaack!!!!!!!!
[He posted the same video on his Instagram Story]

Source - GACKTstagram

♥GACKT Ameba & Weibo♥

2017.02.06 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.06 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.06 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.06 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.06 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.06 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.06 - Weibo 01.jpg

GACKT met up with some friends who were considering migrating from Japan to Malaysia. He says that each year, more and more people leave Japan, and that it's become a problem. GACKT cites an example of a busy family with three kids that would benefit from a maid and nanny, and although maids and nannies are common in some countries, Japan is late in adopting this idea. He thinks that if families have more structure and time, then the birthrate would increase [FYI - he's not saying this is the only solution to this, just that it's one solution]. He talks about the falling birthrate in Japan, and how despite this problem, nothing is changing. GACKT says that due to circumstances not changing and the foolish media, talented people are leaving Japan.

2017.02.07 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.07 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.07 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.07 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.07 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.07 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.07 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.07 - Weibo 08.jpg

GACKT trained, and said his upper body has changed a lot. He then plugged the HMB supplements he's advertising. He remarked that his t-shirts have become tight, and his chest, shoulders and arms have especially become bigger. He met some friends who were suprised at how big he's become, and said that Japanese people usually have smaller bodies. He had an easy lunchtime, and has completely recovered from the cold he picked up in Japan. After, some of GACKT's friends from both Malaysia, and some visiting from Japan came to his house. GACKT said he was a little bewildered by all the children, and for once, couldn't hide his feelings. But, he thinks kids are amazing and little geniuses, as they have such expression and imagination. Angie was also a little confused by having so many kids around, and was panting with her tongue out [awww]. The parents of the kids thought that Malaysia would be a good place to raise children, and GACKT agreed. He then went off on a rant about educational systems, language learning, and learning self defense.

2017.02.09 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 08.jpg

He woke from a bad dream and thought his sleeping posture was weird, so he took a photo. He trained, showered and dressed and notes that he's gone up a clothes size. He went to the hospital for a check up, but got the all clear. He went for a walk with his niece Mai, and although she doesn't show her face in photos, he still grabbed her for a photo. GACKT, Mai and his sister spent a hour chatting before he had a business meeting. Then, he met up with some poker pals for dinner and poker strategy talks. The conversation changed to "how can we do well with women?" and GACKT comments that all men everywhere, have the same troubles. They talked about things like how you balance work life and private life, and compromising in a relationship. Later, everyone went back to GACKT's house for poker practice. GACKT says he needs to work more at his poker.

2017.02.09 - Weibo 11.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 12.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 13.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 14.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 15.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 16.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 17.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 18.jpg
2017.02.09 - Weibo 19.jpg
2017.02.09 - Ameba 03.jpg
2017.02.09 - Ameba 04.jpg
2017.02.09 - Ameba 08.jpg
2017.02.09 - Ameba 09.jpg
2017.02.09 - Ameba 12.jpg
2017.02.09 - Ameba 13.jpg

GACKT had a bad day. He had a meeting at a hotel and later a party at a different place to go to, but there was a unusually high amount of traffic by the hotel. He didn't have much gas in his car, but the nearest gas station was, on normal days, only three minutes away. But, due to the traffic, his gas meter hit zero, and he just managed to find a place to pull over before the engine cut out. He called a friend who asked if GACKT wanted a driver to come over and pick him up, but as it would take at least 2 hours in the traffic, GACKT declined and knew he'd miss the party. A friend who was also going to the party called GACKT, and said they'd get some gas in a can for him. The first station refused, but the second gas station helped. They didn't have a pump to get the gas out of the can and into GACKT's car, so they improvised with a plastic bottle and some scissors. After three hours, GACKT finally had some gas in his Lamborghini... but couldn't get in neutral gear. Bad day... He also spoke in his blog about the death of Rena Matsuno, an 18 year old member of the idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, saying that she had a bright future ahead of her and that you should make every day count.

2017.02.10 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.02.10 - Weibo 09.jpg

GACKT trained and did his daily body check. He's going to use Daily Baby for a week. He got dressed, and wore his new Armani jacket. He's gone from a size 48 to a 50, so he had to buy a new jacket. While he was dressing, TAKUMI got in contact with him about an article*. GACKT says he laughed when he saw the headline. It's absurd, so he didn't waste any more time taking about it in his blog. He talked about his leg being mistaken for a woman's leg on his Instagram, so he posted the before and after muscle flexing photos. With the amusement of that newspaper headline still fresh, GACKT went out to buy an iPhone 7. He doesn't buy phones when they first come out because they have problems, so he waits a little while. He thought that one of the rooms in the phone store looked a little like a college, so he got his sister to take a photo of him there and he thinks he looks like a bad student. As his hair has grown, he went to buy some styling products, but didn't know what to buy, so he bought 3. He went to a cafe, and later ate at a Vietnamese restaurant in a hotel. He liked the smiles of the staff, and feels that is very important. Then he went back to work.

[*The basic story is that when GACKT was filming Fuurin Kazan back in 2007, he had sex with a woman in his dressing room. This was found out because the staff outside could hear her. The headline is basically "GACKT's lewd act" and "NHK dressing room."]

2017.02.11 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.02.11 - Weibo 09.jpg

GACKT trained, had a shower and then sat around thinking about what to wear. He's wearing a new jacket that looks like it's D&G, but really it's Armani. While he was drinking his morning juice, TAKUMI contacted him about another article. Previously in his blog, GACKT spoke about surly customs officers, and when this was reposted in the media, they phrased it as a complaint. The former mayor of Yokohama, Hiroshi Nakada, criticised GACKT's blog, and his criticisms are the article GACKT posted in this blog. GACKT says that his words were taken too harshly, and that it wasn't a "complaint" but a "request". He asked Mr. Nakada to reread his blog, and see that he was just asking for some more smiles as customs/immigration officers are the first people that visitors to a country see.

2017.02.12 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 07.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 08.jpg
2017.02.12 - Weibo 09.jpg
2017.02.12 - Ameba 02.jpg
2017.02.12 - Ameba 06.jpg
2017.02.12 - Ameba 07.jpg
2017.02.12 - Ameba 08.jpg

Yesterday was a tiring and long day. Lots of people visited, and he went to a fun party. Angie fell asleep on his poker table. He was busy with work in the day, but in the evening he went to a party. People talked about work, and he was sad to say goodbye to a friend that was leaving to live in the UK. Some friends went back to GACKT's place, and left around 5am. GACKT was getting ready for bed, when his friends called him. There'd been an accident near GACKT's house, so he ran out to see what was happening. Thankfully, his friend who was driving and their passenger were uninjured.

Sources - GACKT Weibo / GACKT Ameblo


02/14 - Goods - Last day to order the LAST VISUALIVE DVD & Blu-ray
02/22 - Single - 罪の継承~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Tsumi no Keishou~ORIGINAL SIN~) available digitally

03/14 - Goods - LAST VISUALIVE DVD & Blu-ray
03/15 - Goods - Platinum Box XVII
03/22 - Single - 罪の継承~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Tsumi no Keishou~ORIGINAL SIN~)

2017 - Movie - ‘Karanukan’

♥Photo of the week♥

Another photo from GACKT's creche service. Look at Angie's face!

2017.02.09 - 新崎香織.jpg

Source - Instagram

How are you doing, CAGS?

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