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[news] Kong: Skull Island dubbing

As previously announced, GACKT will be dubbing Captain James Conrad, played by Tom Hiddleston, in the Japanese version of the movie "Kong: Skull Island." To promote the movie and give a little taste of the voice acting, GACKT and co-star Nozomi Sasaki demonstrated their voice acting in front of the press at an event today.

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GACKT said that he is using a deep, calm voice as his character is a military man.
Nozomi Sasaki was nervous about the live dubbing, and made several mistakes during the example scene. GACKT said it was cute.
When asked her opinion of GACKT, she said that his aura sparkles and that he had been very kind to her. GACKT replied that he's kind to cute people.
They were both asked if they had any aspirations to go to Hollywood. GACKT said that due to touring, he was not open to offers right now, but would like to try in a couple of years time.

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Yesterday, the covers for GACKT's next single 'Tsumi no Keisho~ORIGINAL SIN~' were revealed.


original sin CD.jpg


original sin DVD.jpg

1. Tsumi no Keisho~ORIGINAL SIN~
2. Tsumi no Keisho~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Orchestral)
3. Tsumi no Keisho~ORIGINAL SIN~ (Instrumental)
Tsumi no Keisho~ORIGINAL SIN~ music video

Source - GACKT OHP

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