[news] GACKT eyes global expansion & more

There was an exciting announcement from GACKT today...

We would like to announce that Malaysian Entertainment Agency “L.O.V.EntertainmenT” has signed a global management contract with a Japanese rock musician GACKT on October 1st, 2017.

We’ll be using GACKT 's exceptional singing abilities, power of expression, language skills and other various talents to expand his activities around the world.

World tour, Hollywood movie appearances and a lot more is under way.

Look forward to more from GACKT!

L.O.V.EntertainmenT Sdn. Bhd.

※For inquiries and booking information contact us via the email address below.

Source - OHP

A new promotional artist image was sent out with press releases of the announcement.

2017.10.12 - artist image.jpg

Source - BARKS

Back on August 22nd, GACKT blogged about a promotional campaign he was shooting for a sake company. He posted a few photos too.

2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4327.JPEG

Collapse )

The collaboration hasn't been officially announced yet, but some of the advertising has started to surface. It's a collaboration with the sake brand 'Tonari no Okusan,' and a full page ad is in the current issue of 'dancyu' magazine.

Also, there was a sake exhibition held on October 11th, and there was a life size cut out of GACKT there at the brand's display table.

2017.10.11 - musclem.jpg

Hopefully, the full promotional material will be released soon!

Sources - GACKT Blog / Instagram / Tonari no Okusan Website

Karanukan is due to be screened on Sunday as part of the Kyoto International Film Festival. It's still scheduled for a Japan-wide release in 2018, and the director Yasuhiro Hamano shared a new flyer for the movie today.

2017.10.12 - Hamano 01.jpg

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Source - Yasuhiro Hamano

I can't wait to see what this new deal means for GACKT's career in the future! It all sounds exciting!

Week in Review

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


On Wednesday, GACKT was at a press conference for MARGARET NOCTURNE, a new dress brand that is a collaboration between GACKT and clothing brand dazzy.

runway 04.jpg

For full details, please check the OGYD entry here >

The photos and videos below were published after that entry.

[+5 photos & 6 videos]
runway 01.jpg
runway 02.jpg
runway 03.jpg
runway 05.jpg

GACKT was asked about an incident where he was clumsy, and he told a story about snowboarding and breaking his teeth.

Sources - Run-way / Senken

The GACKT STORE limited version of the 1,200 page essay collection 'OH!! MY!! GACKT!!' is available to order again, in limited qualities. It has a different cover to the regular version.


You can buy it here > GACKT STORE

As reported before, Karanukan will be broadcast at the Kyoto International Film Festival. We now know that it will be screened on October 15th, at 15:20. The director, Yasuhiro Hamano, and lead actor Suzuka Kimura will be present. It appears that GACKT will not be.

Source - KIFF

TAKUMI and VAL went to see Shinnosu's play 'Sasupensu!'

2017.09.30 - Takumi.jpg

Source - TAKUMI Instagram

For a limited time, GACKT's Heads Up Poker show that was shown on Ameba TV on September 23rd is available on YouTube. It's split into three parts, and each part is a different one-on-one battle.

Part 1 - Takayuki Yamada vs. Takashi Tsukamoto

[+2 videos]
Part 2 - Takashi Tsukamoto vs. Miku Kobato

Part 3 - Takayuki Yamada vs. Miku Kobato

Chacha went to the hairdressers.

2017.09.28 - Chacha 01.jpg

2017.09.28 - Chacha 02.jpg



[Not many posts this week]

it was a super nice and huge wedding. Congrats dear my bro and sis!!

2017.09.29 - GACKTstagram.jpg

we had dinner while I stay Japan. they are so fun and cool.

GACKT is eating with Takayuki Yamada (who was in GACKT's poker program) and Taichi Satome, who played Kage in the first MOON SAGA play. One of the Japanese hashtags makes reference to smelly pants

Source - GACKTstagram

♥GACKT Ameba & Weibo♥

As always, the dates are the dates of the blogs, and not necessarily the day the things happened.

[Poker, weddings and press conferences]
September 25th
GACKT arrived back in Kuala Lumpur. He said that the weather and atmosphere of KL always makes him happy to return. He had dinner and talked business with his KL based staff and business partner until midnight, then they returned home for poker practice. He then started to talk about Heads Up Poker. GACKT said that the Ameba president, Mr. Fujita, had asked him to make an interesting program, and that GACKT did his best. 100,000 viewers would have been considered a big hit, but it seems that 450,000 watched the program. He said that there are many poker programs in the world, but his program was aimed at beginners, especially as the Japanese market is still growing. He spoke a little about developing the program, from the initial idea while playing poker with beginner friends in KL, to filming the show with numerous cameras around the table and the multiple checks during the editing stage.

2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4962.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4963.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4964.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4965.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4968.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4969.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4971.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4972.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4973.JPEG
2017.09.25 - Ameblo 4974.JPEG

September 26th
TAKUMI came back from Japan just for this day, as they were due to go to the wedding of a friend. The party was due to start in the evening, so they had a relaxing day, first drinking tea and then cocktails by the pool side. GACKT did his own styling, and said that back in the MALICE MIZER days he'd do his own hair and make up, so he knows how to do it. After setting his hair in a slicked back style, they headed off to the wedding party. There was a two hour cocktail party and GACKT greeted many different people there. He glanced at the guest list and saw members of the royal family and many people from abroad there, and thought that the mix was very interesting. The ceremony started a little late, but eventually the bride and groom appeared. He said that he had been to some flashy weddings in Japan, but this was on another scale. There was even a camera filming their entrance, and the footage was then shown on a large LED screen. He reckoned that there was 1,200 people there. He exchanged words with the Malaysian person sat next to him, who appeared to have been married seven times. GACKT was very puzzled over this. The ceremony finished, and GACKT was surprised by how many limousines were lined up. He was impressed that his hairstyle kept its shape over the long duration of the wedding, and ended with a short advert for GATSBY and a desire to wash his hair.

2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4979.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4980.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4981.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4982.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4983.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4984.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4985.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4986.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4987.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4989.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4990.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4991.JPEG
2017.09.26 - Ameblo 4992.JPEG

September 27th
GACKT said there was a press conference held for new brand MARGARET NOCTURNE, and wondered whether people wanted the dresses to be sold in China too (this was a short, Weibo only blog)

2017.09.27 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.09.27 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.09.27 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.09.27 - Weibo 04.jpg

September 28th
GACKT wrote about the press conference for MARGARET NOCTURNE. He came back to Japan for this press conference, and had been training with his hellball since he returned. He noted that his body has gotten bigger again. After training, he went to the venue for rehearsals, and while having his hair and make up done had a meeting about another project. After his make up was finished, he checked the models as they were all to have a uniform image for the press conference. During the press conference, he couldn't help but notice how small the faces were of the models. After musing on their small head sizes for a little longer, he said that the press conference finished smoothly, and he was happy that there was a sudden rush of orders when the ordering period started. He finished the blog by saying he was preparing to go back to Malaysia.

2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5002.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5003.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5004.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5005.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5006.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5007.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5008.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5009.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5010.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5011.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5012.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5013.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5014.JPEG
2017.09.29 - Ameblo 5015.JPEG

September 29th
GACKT came back to Japan and ate with his friends (this was posted only on Weibo, and is basically a Chinese translation of his Instagram post about it)

2017.09.29 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.09.29 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.09.29 - Weibo 03.jpg

Sources - GACKT Weibo / GACKT Ameblo


10/11 - WOWOW - Kishidan Expo 2016 rebroadcast
10/15 - Kyoto International Film Festival - Karanukan screening
10/18 - MOON SAGA I, MOON SAGA II, MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Nekketsu Gakuen Monogatari, LAST VISUALIVE rebroadcasts
10/22 - GACKT will appear at the Kyoto racecourse


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[news] GACKT x dazzy new brand 'MARGARET NOCTURNE' party dresses

Today, the new brand 'MARGARET NOCTURNE' was revealed. The brand is a collaboration between GACKT and dazzy, a clothing company that is geared towards ladies in their teens and twenties. The brand name comes from the images of white flowers (MARGARET) and dark nights (NOCTURNE), and these dual images are the inspiration for the party dresses. The dresses are priced between 5,000 to 20,000 yen, come in sizes S-L, and are now available for reservation.

dazzy 01.jpg

Collapse )

The brand's official website is here MARGARET NOCTURNE

A press conference was held today to introduce the line, and was attended by GACKT and some models showing off the clothes.

model press 01.jpg

As well as talking about the dresses and their features, GACKT was asked about a variety of topics.
He was asked about the retirement next year of fellow Okinawan Namie Amuro, and said that he thought it was a waste.
A reporter asked him about his training and complimented his white top, and GACKT pointed out that his chest has grown, while also talking a little about his training.
He was asked about his recent adventures on the underground trains in London, and said again how troublesome it was for him.

This video is the full press conference.

Collapse )

Collapse )

An interview with GACKT will be shown on Sukkiri tomorrow, at 9:45.

2017.09.27 - sukkiri.jpg

And in non MARGARET NOCTURNE news, the 15th broadcast from OH!! MY!! GACKT!! will be tomorrow, September 28th, at 18:30. It'll be 90 minutes long.

omg 15th.jpg

The viewing page is here >

Sources - BARKS / Edgeline / Hochi / GACKT Weibo / Model Press / @ntv_sukkiri / Oricon / Ovo / PR Times / Sanspo / Sponichi / @Taka_Masuda_Ent / T-Site / WWD Japan


Week in Review

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


All produced by GACKT! Heads Up Poker aired on Ameba TV yesterday. The show has now been archived and is available to watch for free.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 23.00.00.png

It appears that the show wasn't a one off, and it will be a regular program in the future.

You can access all of the videos here > The top video is the entire show, the next three videos are the three one-on-one battles that made up the full show.

It appears that GACKT will appear at the racecourse in Kyoto on October 22nd for the 78th Japanese St. Ledger.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 13.59.42.png

Source - JRA

Yasuhiro Hamano, the director of Karanukan, has confirmed that it will be screened at Kyoto International Film Festival in October, and also said that it will be released nationwide in Japan in 2018.

Source - Yasuhiro Hamano FB

GACKT was in London this week, and he met with pro poker player William Kassouf. The two of them went to a Poker room in London. GACKT talks more about his London adventures in his blog.

2017.09.21 - WilliamKassouf 02.jpg

[+4 photos]
2017.09.21 - ThePokerRoomUK.jpg
2017.09.21 - WilliamKassouf 01.jpg
2017.09.21 - WilliamKassouf 03.jpg
2017.09.21 - WilliamKassouf 04.jpg

Sources - @ThePokerRoom / @WilliamKassouf

GACKT's Official FRESH!! Channel uploaded a video from his adventures on the London trains. GACKT talked about this in his blog too. If you have a FRESH!! membership, you can watch it here >

There is another video from The KL. This time, GACKT is talking about the beauty industry in Malaysia.

You can watch the video here >

WOWOW Live will be re-broadcasting lots of GACKT events in October.

October 11th
4:00 - Kishidan Expo 2016
October 18th
03:00 - MOON SAGA
05:05 - MOON SAGA II
07:25 - MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Nekketsu Gakuen Monogatari

YOU posted some more tour dates with S.Q.F that go through January.

Source - YOU Facebook


[Training videos and Gatsby ads]

it was a heavy rainy day today. I love rain. it rejuvenates my heart.

2017.09.21 - GACKTstagram.jpg

I have a coffee break with Will who is a professional poker player in Lindon. let's play poker later.

I'm in London but the topic is abut Russia. funny.

children is gibbous. they have a lot of possiblities to do anything. We have to take care not to break their possibilities. (I think he means "children are geniuses." One of these boys is the son of one of GACKT's ex-dancers and has been in many of GACKT's blogs over the years)

2017.09.24 - GACKTstagram 02.jpg

I need GATSBY when I get cool!! (In the Japanese hashtags he says he's going to a wedding reception)

Source - GACKTstagram

♥GACKT Ameba & Weibo♥

As always, the dates are the dates of the blogs, and not necessarily the day the things happened.

[More on GACKT&apos;s trip to London]
September 19th
After exercising and showering, GACKT took a look at himself in the mirror and noticed that his body is getting back to what it was. He went to a factory and showroom to check out some Lamborghinis, and because his own car is being overhauled. As well as talking a lot about cars and them being in bits, he spoke a little about airgun games in the early days of his solo career.

2017.09.19 - Ameblo 4826.JPEG
2017.09.19 - Ameblo 4827.JPEG
2017.09.19 - Ameblo 4829.JPEG

September 20th
GACKT took Takumi to the airport, and encountered some terrible traffic congestion. During his stay in Kuala Lumpur, GACKT had been exercising with Takumi during the early mornings. He spoke of how good the hellball training is for the ab muscles. He spoke a lot more about training and elegance. Eneru hid in the shelves, because he's afraid of loud noises and it was thundering. GACKT's phone broke, so he had a fun time fixing it.

2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4847.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4849.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4851.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4852.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4855.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4856.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4857.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4858.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4859.JPEG
2017.09.20 - Ameblo 4860.JPEG

September 21st

GACKT headed to London, so that he could see a friend. In the past, GACKT would go to the airport with only his passport and wallet, and would buy clothes at his destination. He took the airport train to move between terminals, and said that due to his train phobia he only takes trains in airports. When he arrived at Heathrow airport, it was the middle of the night so it was strangely empty. It was too early to check into his hotel, so he went to a cafe. He went to London as part of his world trip a couple of months ago, and was surprised by the cold, but this time he was expecting it. The sight of a famous red phone box made GACKT muse on the changing times. It was 7am and the streets were still empty.

2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4868.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4869.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4870.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4871.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4872.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4876.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4881.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4882.JPEG
2017.09.21 - Ameblo 4885.JPG

September 22nd

GACKT contacted a friend of his who had emigrated from Kuala Lumpur to England, and asked about going to meet her. She told him to take a train, which he wasn't particularly happy about, and he said it had been 20 years since he'd taken a subway train. His fear of trains, plus trying to navigate a new system in a foreign country would make things twice as difficult for him. He looked at a map of the train system and was completely confused by it. He couldn't find Rugby, the place he was going, on the map and had to resort to looking on Google Maps to find out where he needed to go. He finally found the right train and line, and also made his transfer. His friend met him at his destination with a smile, took him to her home and made him breakfast. He usually only eats in the evening, but they spent two hours having a slow, breakfast. After relaxing in the garden for a while, she showed him around the town.

2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4890.JPEG
2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4892.JPEG
2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4894.JPEG
2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4896.JPEG
2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4897.JPEG
2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4898.JPEG
2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4899.JPEG
2017.09.22 - Ameblo 4904.JPEG

September 23rd

GACKT returned to London from his friend's house. He complained about the cold in London, and said that white people and Asian people differ in their body temperatures, and he thinks this is why so many people were drinking outside while he was too cold. Before returning to his hotel, he went to a Whole Foods supermarket. He was very jetlagged, so although it was close it felt like it was very far. He wanted carbonated water, but couldn't find it. After asking a distracted staff member, he found it on the other side of the supermarket and bought five bottles. He went back to the hotel and drank some of his water. It didn't have the refreshing effect he was expecting, so he looked at the bottle again... and found it was spring water. The lesson for the day was don't just half listen to people.

2017.09.23 - Ameblo 4915.JPEG
2017.09.23 - Ameblo 4920.JPEG
2017.09.23 - Ameblo 4921.JPEG
2017.09.23 - Ameblo 4925.JPEG
2017.09.23 - Ameblo 4926.JPEG

September 24th

Before leaving England, GACKT met with pro poker player William Kassouf. Before meeting him, he headed out into London to buy a winter jacket from D&G. He spoke about how beautiful London is, and how even the advertising on taxis and buses is regulated so that it doesn't spoil the look of the city. He said that if you like beautiful cities, chose England. If you like good people, chose Spain. If you like good bread and wine, chose France. If you like hot women, chose Sweden. GACKT and William talked over tea, and then went to the casino that sponsors William. As they played poker, GACKT remarked on how foreigners banter with each other, but Japanese people are usually quieter. He left London, saying he wants to go again, but that there is delicious food waiting for him in Kuala Lumpur.

2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4927.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4928.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4930.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4933.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4934.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4935.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4936.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4938.JPEG
2017.09.24 - Ameblo 4939.JPEG

Sources - GACKT Weibo / GACKT Ameblo


10/11 - WOWOW - Kishidan Expo 2016 rebroadcast
10/12~10/15 - Kyoto International Film Festival - Karanukan screening
10/18 - MOON SAGA I, MOON SAGA II, MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Nekketsu Gakuen Monogatari, LAST VISUALIVE rebroadcasts
10/22 - GACKT will appear at the Kyoto racecourse

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Week in Review

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


Here's another couple of preview videos for GACKT's Heads Up Poker show. It'll be on Abema TV on September 23rd.


Shinnosu-senpai recorded some footage for the upcoming Camui♂Gakuen DVD. GACKT spoke about this a little in his blog, too.

2017.09.11 - Shinnosu.jpg

Source @shinnosu1969

Chacha shared some old photos on his Twitter. He said they're from around 10 years ago, but it's probably nearer 15 now.

2017.09.14 - Chacha 01.jpg

[Chacha, YOU and Ren]
2017.09.14 - Chacha 02.jpg
2017.09.14 - Chacha 03.jpg



(Yeah, he's hasn't posted Part 2 of these videos)

My skin condition is not so good now. I might need some sleep...

[+2 videos]

have work out now! it's a nice weather to have it.

it's a good weather today. I'll take a walk in a city.

Source - GACKTstagram

♥GACKT Ameba & Weibo♥

Again, the dates are the dates of his blogs, not the dates anything happened. Only three blogs this week...

[Blog time!]
September 11th
GACKT has been training daily with the medicine ball and bench press since coming to Japan, and as well as getting bigger, he's been noticing his own weaknesses. He's also been busy during his stay in Japan, both due to work and socialising. He spoke about the difference between picking up age and piling on age, something he's spoken about before.

2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4686.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4687.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4688.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4689.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4690.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4691.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4692.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4693.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4694.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4695.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4696.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4697.JPEG
2017.09.11 - Ameblo 4698.JPEG

September 12th
GACKT had a lot of meetings lined up, and after training and finishing all of the meetings up, he headed out to the venue for the auditions. You may remember that the streaming site SHOWROOM had been running auditions where the winner would have a song produced by GACKT, and these auditions were another step in that process. The auditions ran for around a hour and a half, but no decision was made so more auditions will be needed. GACKT said that it isn't enough just to be skilled at singing, you have to have presence and be good at presentation. GACKT is looking forward to seeing the candidates again.

2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4720.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4721.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4722.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4723.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4724.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4725.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4726.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4727.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4728.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4729.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4730.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4731.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4732.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4733.JPEG
2017.09.12 - Ameblo 4734.JPEG

September 15th
Before leaving Japan, GACKT was contacted by Camui♂Gakuen's student body president, as Kaicho and some senpais were recording for the upcoming Camui♂Gakuen DVD. GACKT watched the recording for a couple of hours and was impressed by the quality of the show. He then left for some business meetings. After his meetings, including one for the upcoming poker program, he headed to the airport. His work outside of Japan has been stacking up.

2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4741.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4742.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4743.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4744.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4745.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4746.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4747.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4748.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4749.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4750.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4751.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Ameblo 4752.JPEG
2017.09.15 - Weibo 03.jpg

Sources - GACKT Weibo / GACKT Ameblo


09/23 - 21:00 - Abema TV - All Produced by GACKT! Heads-Up Poker One-on-One Contest
10/12~10/15 - Kyoto International Film Festival - Karanukan screening

♥Photo of the week♥


Last week I posted an English interview with GACKT from Tokyo Weekender about his upcoming movie, Karanukan. They've posted the interview in text format on their website now, so it's easier to read.

Source - Tokyo Weekender

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Week in review & CAGS

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


This week, YOSHIKI celebrated the second anniversary of his NicoNico channel 'YOSHIKI CHANNEL' with eight consecutive broadcasts. GACKT had already been announced as appearing with a video comment, but he surprised everyone by showing up to the Day 4 broadcast and appearing live on air for about ten minutes. It appears that he happened to be in the same hotel as the broadcast, and decided to join in.

2017.09.05 - Yoshiki.jpg

Source - @YoshikiOfficial

Another trailer for GACKT's 'Heads Up Poker' show has been released. It will be on Abema TV on September 23rd.

An English interview with GACKT has been published in the September issue of Tokyo Weekender magazine. You can read it on their website here Tokyo Weekender. If you're in Tokyo, there are also places where you can pick up the print version.

[+one more page]

The article says that Karanukan will be showing this month, but that doesn't appear to be the case. There's still no release date for the movie.

Speaking of Karanukan, it will be shown at the Kyoto International Film Festival.


The festival runs in Kyoto (obviously!) from October 12th to 15th. The schedule for the festival hasn't been released yet though, so we don't know when the film will be shown.

Source - Kyoto International Film Festival

Another episode of the web magazine 'THE KL' has been uploaded. In the video, GACKT talks about the living environment and real estate in Kuala Lumpur.

You can watch it at the website > THE KL

Here are a couple of lingering photos from GACKT's appearance at the World Poker Tour a week or so ago.

2017.09.03 - Angela Rockwood 01.jpg

It was a wonderful feeling and an even Surreal feeling to be back on a set doing what I love and even having the Blessings of meeting sensational individuals like SWEET Rockstar @GACKT of Asia.

2017.09.04 - Lynn Gilmartin 01.jpg

Thanks @gackt, @colorwine and @shelbyandsandy for adding some extra fun to my day on the perch

Sources - Angela Lockwood Instagram / Lynn Gilmartin

It was fashion designer h.NAOTO's birthday this week, and he received a gift from GACKT.

2017.09.07 - H Naoto.jpg

Source - Hirooka Naoto FB


Wonderful!! have no jet lag. well, going to workout.
In the Japanese hashtags, GACKT says this is a good workout if you want to broaden your chest.

[+ some workout videos and meetings with friends]

I have dinner now. I'll have Gpushups when I get back home.

I'm in a treatment whole day.
From how he phrased the Japanese entry, he means he was having health and probably beauty treatments. In his hashtags, he said "of course this is hard" "finished my ab training for today" and "my butthole also hurts"

2017.09.07 - GACKTstagram 02.jpg

It's been a while since we met last time. We had a wonderful time. Mr.Sasaki(Daimajin) is so amazing. Looking forward to seeing him soon.
GACKT is with Kazuhiro Sasaki, a baseball player who played in both the Japanese professional league and the American MLB.

2017.09.09 - GACKTstagram.jpg

I met GoAyano. he is too powerful...
In the Japanese tags GACKT said that Go Ayano is really strong, but also that GACKT won't lose to him (he's probably talking about how strong they are at holding alcohol)

The text on the photo says that "(Takumi) is bad (at playing guitar)" GACKT is mouthing this too.

Source - GACKTstagram

♥GACKT Ameba & Weibo♥

GACKT didn't post as many blogs this week and missed some days. He's been in Japan though, and between work and meeting friends, he's always busier when he's back in Japan.

Again, he usually updates his blogs late. The date is the date of the blog, not necessarily the date the things happened.

[+32 photos]
September 4th
It was the final of the World Poker Tour. He complained about the bad LA traffic that always turned what should have been a 40 minute journey between his hotel and the Bicycle casino into a longer one. He spoke about the final day of play, which was won by Art Papazyan. He was interviewed during the day, and said that he can't get used to being interviewed in English, and feels that he isn't getting any better at it.
He'll keep practicing poker until he can reach the final table.

2017.09.04 - Ameblo 4600.JPEG
2017.09.04 - Ameblo 4602.JPEG
2017.09.04 - Ameblo 4604.JPEG
2017.09.04 - Ameblo 4609.JPEG
2017.09.04 - Ameblo 4611.JPEG
2017.09.04 - Ameblo 4612.JPEG
2017.09.04 - Ameblo 4614.JPEG
2017.09.04 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.09.04 - Weibo 09.jpg

September 5th
He got ready to leave LA for Japan. He took a stroll down Sunset Boulevard, and said that he had stayed at a hotel in the area when he was 26, and was surprised to see how many of the stores had changed. In the evening, he met up with some friends that had come from Japan for dinner. He drank through the night, and said it was the first time he'd pulled an all nighter in a while. He complained about the constant long lines at the airport in LA. Although he was tired in LA, when he arrived in Tokyo he wasn't suffering from jetlag and went out to Roppingi to eat with friends.

2017.09.05 - Ameblo 4615.JPEG
2017.09.05 - Ameblo 4616.JPEG
2017.09.05 - Ameblo 4618.JPEG
2017.09.05 - Ameblo 4620.JPEG

September 6th
He woke up at 8am, as usual, and was still jetlag free so he trained in his hotel room. He had his hair done, and then attended a tea party with the lucky winners of the promotion run by the GACKT x Blanc produced skin care DAILY BABY. He answered the health and beauty questions of the attendees. He had a little time before his next appointment, and because it was close, he took a tea break at the Hyatt hotel in Roppongi. The hotel manager told GACKT that YOSHIKI was there filming for YOSHIKI CHANNEL, so GACKT's people contacted YOSHIKI's people, and GACKT gatecrashed the show. It had been a while since he'd seen Luna Sea's INORAN and Sexx George, two of the other guests on the show, and he was happy to see them. GACKT said that he was happy to see that YOSHIKI looked good, as GACKT had been worried about him after his recent surgery. He said he hopes to see YOSHIKI back on stage again soon.

2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4643.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4644.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4645.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4646.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4647.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4648.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4649.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4650.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4651.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Ameblo 4652.JPEG
2017.09.06 - Weibo 07.jpg

September 7th
He had dinner with baseball pitcher Kazuhiro Sasaki. He was happy, and says that Sasaki is a funny guy.
2017.09.07 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.09.07 - Weibo 02.jpg

September 8th
GACKT had an IV drip, he said it is something he has done often and the IV is full of nutrients (as an aside, you can see he's watching anime on his iPad). He had dinner with friends in the evening.

2017.09.08 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.09.08 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.09.08 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.09.08 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.09.08 - Weibo 05.jpg
2017.09.08 - Weibo 07.jpg

Sources - GACKT Weibo / GACKT Ameblo


09/23 - 21:00 - Abema TV - All Produced by GACKT! Heads-Up Poker One-on-One Contest
10/12~10/15 - Kyoto International Film Festival - Karanukan screening

Hopefully we'll get to see Karanukan soon... or at some point...

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Week in review & CAGS

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


When we last left GACKT last week, he was in California to take part in the World Poker Tour's WPT Legends tournament.

A couple of poker news sites posted English interviews with GACKT.

GACKT Aims To Make His Mark on the World Poker Tour - WPT Official Site
Pop Music Star Gackt Attempting to Change Poker's Image in Japan - PokerNews

GACKT's first day of playing started with him taking part in a meet and greet before play started. Several personalities from the WPT were present, as was GACKT. One lucky fan was able to get her Mizerable CD signed.

2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 20.jpg

[+37 photos, +3 videos]
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 01.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 02.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 03.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 04.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 05.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 06.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 07.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 08.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 09.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 10.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 11.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 12.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 13.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 14.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 17.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 18.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 19.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 21.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 22.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 23.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 24.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 25.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 26.jpg
2017.08.28 - Bicycle Casino.JPG
2017.08.28 - lynn gilmartin 01.jpg
2017.08.28 - lynn gilmartin 02.jpg
2017.08.28 - lynn gilmartin 06.JPG
2017.08.28 - tugba ercan 01.jpg
2017.08.29 - allinpokerchick 01.jpg

Opening Day 1C

2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 27.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 28.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 29.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 30.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 31.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 32.jpg

GACKT with his entry ticket.

2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 15.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 16.jpg

GACKT made it through Day 1C of the tournament. He was one of 150 survivors from a field of 383 entrants on that day, although his stack of 51,300 chips did place him in the lower half of the field.

[+5 photos]
2017.08.28 - bicycle casino 02.jpg
2017.08.28 - hyahhoo3 02.jpg
2017.08.28 - WilliamKassouf 01.jpg
2017.08.28 - WilliamKassouf 02.jpg
2017.08.28 - WPT Flickr 34.jpg

Unfortunately, GACKT didn't make it through Day 2, and was eliminated pretty early on.

[+2 photos]
2017.08.29 - jake11291.jpg
2017.08.29 - WPT 01.jpg

The tournament finished on Day 5, August 31st, and GACKT was present to watch the final six battle it out at the final table, although he didn't stay until the end to see Art Papazyan win the trophy, $668,692 and a Hublot watch. GACKT was also interviewed, so hopefully that will be shown on the WPT TV shows/YouTube channel at a later date.

[+4 photos, +1 video]
2017.09.01 - WPT 01.jpg
2017.09.01 - WPT 02.jpg
2017.09.01 - WPT 03.jpg
2017.09.01 - Cathy Zhao.jpg

Sources - @allinpokerchick / Bicycle Casino blog / @CathyZhaoyuan / @CathyZhaoyuan / @Jake11291 / @LynnGilmartin / @TugbaERCAN / @WilliamKassouf / @WilliamKassouf / WPT Flickr

For more details on GACKT's poker shenanigans and other activities this week, check out the social media postings further down.

YOU had his hair done, and has been on stage and doing in-store events with S.Q.F in Nagoya.

2017.09.03 - YOU FB 01.jpg

[+5 photos]
2017.09.01 - Snowdrop4687 02.jpg
2017.09.01 - YOU blog 01.JPEG
2017.09.01 - YOU blog 02.JPEG
2017.09.03 - YOU Blog.JPEG
2017.09.03 - YOU FB 02.jpg

Sources - YOU Facebook / YOU Ameblo / RISEL Instagram

Chacha also had his hair done. He also went to a couple of concerts this week - one for a senior of his, and another of a friend.

2017.08.30 - Chacha.jpg

[+1 photo]
2017.09.01 - Snowdrop4687 01.jpg

Source - @CHACHAMARU_YFCz / RISEL Instagram

TAKUMI posted a couple of videos to his Instagram. He was with Daichi Yokota, another of GACKT's producers, and they were playing some of GACKT's songs.

[+2 videos]
First, Daichi playing P.S. I LOVE U

And TAKUMI playing ARROW

Source - TAKUMI Instagram


2017.08.30 - GACKTstagram.jpg

I was out of the tournament yesterday sadly and still have a terrible jet lag. I woke up at 9 pm. omg...

[Training and Instagram Stories]
2017.08.31 - GACKTstagram.jpg

I had dinner with the most favorite director. we expect to make a wonderful work together.

it's a time to sleep. night.

he can also muscle up...He is a president of student council in Camui G school.

sleepy...I have to get ready to leave.
GACKT also left a comment on this video saying "So sleepy..."

Source - GACKTstagram

♥GACKT Ameba & Weibo♥

Again, GACKT updates his blogs a little behind, so it runs a little behind the news section. Also, a couple of blogs this week were Weibo only, and as he only wrote a couple of lines, there isn't much in the way of explanation...

August 28th blog
GACKT arrived in California ready for WPT Legends. He trained, and went to a supermarket. He was so amazed by the selection of blueberries that he took photos of them for his blog.

2017.08.28 - Weibo 4478.JPG

[+45 photos]
2017.08.28 - Weibo 4481.JPG
2017.08.28 - Weibo 4482.JPG
2017.08.28 - Weibo 4484.JPG
2017.08.28 - Weibo 4485.JPG
2017.08.28 - Weibo 4486.JPG

August 29th blog
He attended the reception party for the tournament. He was impressed by the power of everyone's smiles, as he always is at a celebrity party in the US. He also said that the combination of rapid fire, native English and his own weakness with socialising at parties left him very tired for the latter half of the party.

2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4516.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4519.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4520.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4521.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4522.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4523.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4524.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4525.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4526.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4527.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4528.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4529.JPEG
2017.08.29 - Ameblo 4530.JPEG

August 30th blog
GACKT spoke about playing in Day 1C. He said that he was still suffering from jetlag, so he was concerned about his ability to concentrate. After introductions of the famous players, things were due to start. All that was left was some photos, and GACKT found himself dragged over to the middle of the group for the photos. It was a long day, but he managed to increase his stack to 50,000 from the starting 30,000.

2017.08.30 - Ameblo 4534.JPEG
2017.08.30 - Ameblo 4535.JPEG
2017.08.30 - Ameblo 4536.JPEG
2017.08.30 - Ameblo 4537.JPEG
2017.08.30 - Ameblo 4538.JPEG
2017.08.30 - Ameblo 4540.JPEG
2017.08.30 - Ameblo 4545.JPEG

August 31st blog
He didn't sleep much, and was still jetlagged, but it was time for Day 2. He found himself sat at the same table as a famous player, and spoke about being seated next to another famous player from England during Day 1C, who's mother was from Japan, and GACKT was impressed by his Japanese pronunciation. He lost on Day 2, but learnt some new things and knows he has more to learn.
After the tournament, he met his friend Dai, a drift racer, for dinner. They went to an Asian Fusion restaurant that Dai's friend works at.

2017.08.31 - Ameblo 4548.JPEG
2017.08.31 - Ameblo 4549.JPEG
2017.08.31 - Ameblo 4554.JPEG
2017.08.31 - Ameblo 4556.JPEG
2017.08.31 - Ameblo 4560.JPEG
2017.08.31 - Ameblo 4561.JPEG

September 1st blog
His jetlag got worse, he trained and then ate.

2017.09.01 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.09.01 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.09.01 - Weibo 04.jpg

September 2nd blog
Still suffering from jetlag, GACKT wanted to go shopping. His hotel was close to a shopping mall in central Beverly Hills, but for some reason it took over 40 minutes for his car to arrive. He was confused about why it was taking so long, until the driver told GACKT he'd arrived at Beverly Hills Center... and had instead taken him to a hospital in a residential area instead of the mall! After a hour and a half of driving, he got to the mall and found it under renovation. Of course, he headed to Dolce and Gabbana, but didn't find any jackets he liked. During his recent overseas trips, GACKT had noticed how convenient it was to travel with rucksacks, and a couple in D&G jumped out at him so he bought two. The brown one is on their website, yours for only $1,495
After a conversation with an Italian couple in a cafe, GACKT had dinner with director Ryuhei Kitamura.

2017.09.02 - Ameblo 4573.JPEG
2017.09.02 - Ameblo 4575.JPEG
2017.09.02 - Ameblo 4577.JPEG
2017.09.02 - Ameblo 4578.JPEG
2017.09.02 - Ameblo 4582.JPEG
2017.09.02 - Ameblo 4584.JPEG

September 3rd blog
GACKT rearranged his luggage and had dinner with some friends for the first time in some time.

2017.09.03 - Weibo 4587.JPG
2017.09.03 - Weibo 4588.JPG
2017.09.03 - Weibo 4591.JPG
2017.09.03 - Weibo 4592.JPG
2017.09.03 - Weibo 4593.JPG

Sources - GACKT Weibo / GACKT Ameblo


09/03-09/09 - Yoshiki Channel - a comment video from GACKT will be broadcast to celebrate the second anniversary of Yoshiki Channel (exact broadcast date/time hasn't been announced)
09/23 - 21:00 - Abema TV - All Produced by GACKT! Heads-Up Poker One-on-One Contest

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It seems that GACKT is coming back to Japan (if he's not back already).
How is everyone doing, CAGS? It feels like summer is finally coming to an end here (THANKFULLY) and we're starting to see Halloween goods everywhere.


Week in review & CAGS

Let's recap the news in GACKT-land...


The broadcast of ‘All produced by GACKT! Heads Up Poker One on One Contest’ has been scheduled for AbemaTV!

Broadcast time: Saturday, September 23rd, 21:00-23:00

Owner: GACKT
Starring: Takayuki Yamada, Takashi Tsukamoto, Miku Kobato (BAND-MAID)

Some photos are under the cut!

[+4 photos]
mon 01.jpg
mon 02.jpg
mon 03.jpg
mon 04.jpg

Program URL:

Sources - GACKT OHP / M-On Music

GACKT is currently in (near) Los Angeles, for the WPT Legends of Poker event at Bicycle Hotel and Casino. He was at the VIP reception on August 25th, and will be at the Event Center between 11am and 12pm on Sunday, August 27th to greet anyone who drops by. He hasn't played poker yet, but is due to join Day 1C of the tournament. This kicks off from 12pm on Sunday, August 27th, too.

2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 06.jpg

[+27 photos]
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 01.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 02.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 03.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 04.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 05.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 07.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 08.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 09.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 10.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 11.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 12.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 13.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 14.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 15.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 16.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 17.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 18.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 19.jpg
2017.08.26 - WPT Flickr 20.jpg
2017.08.26 - Cathy Zhao 01.jpg
2017.08.26 - Cathy Zhao 02.jpg
2017.08.26 - Keith Kwazar.jpg
2017.08.26 - Pat Lyons 01.jpg
2017.08.26 - Pat Lyons 02.jpg
2017.08.27 - Color Wine Insta Story.jpg
2017.08.27 - TugbaERCAN 01.jpg
2017.08.27 - TugbaERCAN 02.jpg

Sources - Cathy Zhao Instagram / COLOR Wine / @Kwazar / Pat Lyons Instagram / @TugbaERCAN / World Poker Tour Flickr

♥GACKT Social Media♥

Note - GACKT updates his blogs a few days behind where he is, so he's only just reached LA in his blogs.

After GACKT's world trip, a short stop at his home in Malaysia, and a few days in the Philippines to discuss an as yet unknown new project that should kick off next year, GACKT returned to Japan.

He was soon busy, and shot some photos for a forthcoming alcohol ad campaign.

2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4320.JPEG

[+50 photos]
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4321.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4322.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4325.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4327.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4326.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4328.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4329.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4330.JPEG
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4331.JPEG

He also got a hair cut.
2017.08.22 - Ameblo 4332.JPEG
2017.08.22 - GACKTstagram.jpg

GACKT's comment from his Instagram - I cut my hair. what is this like ?

2017.08.24 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.08.24 - Weibo 02.jpg

GACKT's getting a new car!

2017.08.24 - Weibo 03.jpg

He had some more meetings, including one about new sunglasses. GACKT said that his recent sunglasses of choice, a pair from VARTIX with a partly white frame, are good for summer and well suited for longer hair.

2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4392.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4393.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4394.JPEG

GACKT held his first multi-person training session in sometime. He trained with some Taekwondo champions, Val, Sato, and Yuki Kimisawa (he's the one with a black bandage on his knee), amongst others.

2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4395.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4396.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4397.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4398.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4399.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4400.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4401.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4402.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4403.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4404.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4405.JPEG
2017.08.25 - Ameblo 4406.JPEG

GACKT held a beach party in Kamakura. It was originally supposed to be in September and 400 people were due to attend, but because of GACKT going to LA for the poker tournament, it was hastily changed to this week. He was pleased that despite the short notice and it being a weekday, 200 people were still able to attend.

2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4424.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4425.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4427.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4428.JPEG

With Kohta Igarashi, the drummer from Judy & Mary who also played drums on ANOTHER WORLD. GACKT said it was the first time they'd met again in sometime.

2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4429.JPEG

With designer h.NAOTO and Chacha.

2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4430.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4431.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4432.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4433.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4434.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4435.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Ameblo 4436.JPEG
2017.08.26 - Weibo 4414.JPG
2017.08.26 - Weibo 4416.JPG
2017.08.26 - Weibo 4420.JPG
2017.08.23 - GACKTstagram.jpg

Comment from GACKT's Instagram - I came to Kamakura. we have a beach party. nice weather and people here. H Naoto is here too.

After the beach party, GACKT, TAKUMI, Val, Sato and dancer You-suke did a two hour OH!! MY!! GACKT!! broadcast from the beach.

Finally, GACKT flew out to LA. He had a little trouble getting through customs and had to open up his suitcases. On his way to his hotel, he was driven through a residential area and it reminded him of when he was recording in LA years before and met Dir en grey for the first time, and became good friends with drummer Shinya.

2017.08.27 - Ameblo 4446.JPEG
2017.08.27 - Ameblo 4449.JPEG
2017.08.27 - Ameblo 4454.JPEG
2017.08.27 - Ameblo 4455.JPEG
2017.08.27 - Ameblo 4458.JPEG

There are more scenery photos at GACKT's blogs. The links are below!

Source - GACKTstagram / GACKT Weibo / GACKT Ameblo


08/31 - 0:00 - FRESH!! Live Broadcast

09/23 - 21:00 - Abema TV - All Produced by GACKT! Heads-Up Poker One-on-One Contest

♥Photo of the week♥

New artist/promo image!

2017.08 - artist image.jpg

It's been a couple of weeks since the last update, partly due to me going on holiday, partly due to me being lazy...

According to the blomaga broadcast this week, there are a few things coming up. One is the poker show on Abema, there's the alcohol campaign he shot, and who knows what else?

Now, how is everyone?

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News & Notes - GACKT World Trip Round Up Vol.2

GACKT is still travelling around. When we left him last week, in the GACKT World Trip Round Up Vol.1, he was in London.

GACKT took an eight hour drive to a powerspot, Glastonbury Tor, and struggled a little due to his still unhealed ACL tear. He was shocked and amused by a pub called 'Cock and Lion,' and complained more about the cool weather.

2017.08.01 - Ameblo 2361.JPEG

GACKT's comment on GACKTstagram - I went to a power spot in England. it took for 8 hours total. tired,,,.

[London & airports]
2017.08.01 - Ameblo 2364.JPEG
2017.08.01 - Ameblo 2368.JPEG
2017.08.01 - Ameblo 2369.JPEG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2351.JPG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2352.JPG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2355.JPG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2357.JPG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2376.JPG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2380.JPG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2381.JPG
2017.08.01 - Weibo 2383.JPG

From London, he flew to Germany, and then onto Estonia. He likes the country, and comments several times about how technologically advanced it is, from the internet to the airport. He went shoe shopping and horse riding, and as you can see from his GACKTstagram posts and again in his blog, the horse riding or was it magnum? blew out the crotch on his jeans.

2017.08.03 - Weibo 2430.JPG
2017.08.03 - Weibo 2431.JPG
2017.08.03 - Weibo 2432.JPG
2017.08.04 - Ameblo 2504.JPEG
2017.08.04 - Ameblo 2508.JPEG
2017.08.04 - Ameblo 2511.JPEG
2017.08.04 - Ameblo 2517.JPEG
2017.08.04 - GACKTstagram.jpg

GACKT's comment on GACKTstagram - the town in Estonia really calms me down. finally I got here.

2017.08.04 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.08.04 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.08.04 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.08.04 - Weibo 06.jpg
2017.08.05 - Ameblo 2828.JPEG
2017.08.05 - Ameblo 2831.JPEG
2017.08.05 - Ameblo 2833.JPEG
2017.08.05 - Ameblo 2835.JPEG
2017.08.05 - Ameblo 2839.JPEG
2017.08.05 - GACKTstagram.jpg

GACKT's comment on GACKTstagram - I went for horsebackriding. felt some cold with my crotch and looked down into it...the pants were torn and he was dancing...

2017.08.05 - Weibo 01.jpg
2017.08.05 - Weibo 02.jpg
2017.08.05 - Weibo 03.jpg
2017.08.05 - Weibo 04.jpg
2017.08.05 - Weibo 06.jpg

GACKT's comment on GACKTstagram - I don't know when my Jr raged in the pants and broke it... In Japanese he said "Morning. At this time, my pants weren't ripped yet... I wonder when the rowdy general started to rip them?" The last screen says that the video will be continued on FRESH!

2017.08.06 - Ameblo 2868.JPEG
2017.08.06 - Weibo 2854.JPG
2017.08.06 - Weibo 2855.JPG
2017.08.06 - Weibo 2856.JPG

In GACKT's most recent blog posted today, he was en route to the Ukraine.

While GACKT has been on holiday, YOU and Sato have been busy.

YOU has had shows and instore events with S.Q.F.

2017.08.06 - YOU 02.jpg

2017.08.06 - YOU 01.JPG
2017.08.06 - YOU Ameblo 2875.JPEG
2017.08.06 - YOU Ameblo 2876.JPEG
2017.08.06 - YOU Ameblo 2877.JPEG

Sato has been busy with ASH DA HERO, and has a full calendar with several artists through to November.

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Chacha had his hair done.

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Again, for more of GACKT's holiday snaps, check his blogs.

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In brief news....


GACKT has updated his official FRESH! channel with a few videos from his trip. This week, he posted a video from Heathrow airport, and there will soon be a video from the horse riding in Estonia. Also, a broadcast has been scheduled for midnight, on August 31st.

GACKT Official FRESH! -


Streaming website SHOWROOM will be holding an event where people can audition to have a song produced by GACKT. The event will run from August 18th to August 27th.


Hey guys! Enjoying your summer/winter?