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[SHOW YOUR HEART] Overseas Dears Project

Hello fellow Dears.
In this moment of great sadness, the news of the charity project promoted by our GACKT moved me immensely.
I spent the whole night thinking of a project that can be nice, and of course useful to this mission.
I discussed this with some people and they seemed positive about it.

I have seen this done in other fandoms as well (even if for other reasons) and it worked very well.
The idea itself is kind of easy: to put all our communities' and fandom's money in one place and make one big donation to SHOW YOUR HEART. The Message on the money transfer would be "SHOW YOUR HEART - From overseas Dears". After making the transfer, the complete list with the names (and mail addresses if you want) of the people that donated would be sent directly to him, as well as a short message if the donor would want to add it. Of course I won't be putting the amount of money sent near the name, because everybody does as much as he can.

There would be a post continuously updated with the list of the people that donated. If the donations are through Paypal, the service gives an automatic receipt (so you are sure I won't be stealing your money, of course), but for other methods I'm not as sure.
There can be also group donations, I just need the list of the people inside that payement.

So I am asking you all if you like this idea, and if you would participate. As we are short on time, this poll will be closed in 24 hours so the project, if wanted, can start as soon as possible.

Poll #1717272 SHOW YOUR HEART - Overseas dear project
This poll is closed.

Do you like the idea of the project?


Would you participate?

No - Because I do not trust the organizer
Explain in a comment

What do you think the deadline should be?

One week
10 days
Two weeks
other (see in comment)

Just to give you an idea, I think one week would be the maximum acceptable time. Less would be even better.

I am X-posting this to dears, if I find a good way.
I hope to get as much replies as possible in a short time as possible.

EDIT: I am editing the entry because many people are asking about the same problems:
SHOW YOUR HEART does NOT have a Paypal account, so a BANK TRANSFER is needed. As the promoter of the project I would be the one covering the transfer fees.
I will edit if common issues start coming up again! :)

EDIT 2: Okay, sorry for the lateness of this edit, I had some issues yesterday evening that protracted until this morning.
I will try to clear most of the things asked in the last comments, if I forget something, please, point it out.

The transaction towards me should be in Euro, as I'm from Italy and it's the currency here.

I checked paypal fees and:
If you send a payment as "sending money to parents and friends" you have NO commission fees if we both have paypal and we reside in EU. For international transactions, the fee is 0.5% + fixed tariff of 0.35€. Here I leave the choice to you: you can pay it or you can leave it to me.
Instead, if you send money from a pre-paid card or something similar, you'll have a 3,4% + 0.35€ fee.
I just checked, and from some countries it is not possible to send this kind of "personal transaction". People from Germany, China and India will have to use the "payement for a good" option which has somewhat higher fees, I'm sorry, but as stated before, you can decide wether to pay or not.
If you live in a country that does not have €, there's a 2% conversion fee. (as before)

After having gathered the whole sum, I will send it to my bank account which requires no fees.

Lastly, the bank transfer to SHOW YOUR HEART will be done. Don't worry about the fees, as I have a bankary plan with fixed expenses, so it won't require much money and of course any money required (for example for conversion fees and so on) will be paid by me so that the total of the sum sent won't change.

After doing so, I will make a post showing the receipt of the invoice (which, when I do bank transfers, shows the date, the sum and the sending note).

Remember to send me the list of the names of the people participating in your payment and (if you want) a short message. I will compile a complete file with all the people that participated and it will be sent to Gackt.

What I want you to remember, is that:
  • Gackt cannot insert Paypal as a payement option: he seems to have had problem by just funding the charity, and paypal brings even greater restrictions.
  • The international bankary transaction fees to Japan are usually 40USD or more: I know there are transaction fees with paypal, but they are negligible if we think that every transaction would be so expensive.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all for the participation to the project, not only for saying you'll take part, but for all the issues and question that keep coming. Please, continue to do so!

Thank you so much for your participation and comments!

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