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[News] YFCz on Breakup (Nico Radi)

The last Nico Radi broadcast was about 10 hours ago, but I heard there's still much confusion about the "breakup" floating around in the fandom, so I wanted to give you a translation of what was actually said in the show regarding the YFCz breakup.
This is not 100% verbatim, but pretty close to it.

Takumi: "There's a lot of talk about YFCz everywhere lately, but first of all, Budokan 7/4 is a go!  Budokan has been my dream since I was little.  And the title..., Breakup Festival, I'm sure everybody's worried about that, and there's been a rumor that we're breaking up... We will breakup. This is not a joke.  But we're not looking at this as a sad or negative thing.  This came about as part of our conversation where we decided to challenge new things.  We've been together for a year with the idea of creating a band of a new style, twin vocals and triple guitars. We've brainstormed and experimented, and went through the harsh EU tour, then the Japan tour, released singles and an album, and we were accomplishing the goal of creating our own style. And right then, we started thinking "Maybe we can do something more interesting". So, when we were talking about this as a band, there were some who wanted to pursue their own separate goals.  And to accommodate this, we decided to put an end to the band YFCz in the form of a breakup.  So, this is a positive breakup."
Chacha: "Because we shouldn't stop moving forward."
Takumi: "Right, we can't stop.  And if [the band] keeps us stagnant, that would actually be a negative thing, so we're thinking of the breakup as a positive thing.  And we've already started working towards our individual goals, and we can't say what they are yet, but the first thing [we're getting ready for] is Budokan!  And Niisan (=GACKT) is also planning a lot of interesting things, and I joined the band because I agreed with his vision, so I am hoping that I can keep working with him in the future, too.  There are things that YFCz haven't been able to accomplish yet, like supporting the 3/11 victims.  So, although we are breaking up like this, I intend to personally continue supporting the victims, and so do the other members.
Chacha: "Yes, that's something we need to keep on doing."
Takumi: "So, nothing changes in that respect.  When you say Kaisan (解散 breakup) in Japanese, it sounds really sad, but I repeat, it is NOT a sad thing.  This is a positive breakup that we need in order for us a put a period to it and move on forward.  That's why we decided to use the word Kaisan.  We are preparing many things to propel us forward, so I hope you all look forward to fun and interesting things from us.  Niisan was saying "My fans would know I have fun things in store for them." 
Chacha: "They SHOULD know this, yeah, I think so, too. [in a mock threatening way XD].
Takumi: "The spirit of YFCz will continue to live on in us, and I'm sure we've been able to show you the spirit through the lives, etc.  So....., the Budokan live on 7/4, it's Niisan's birthday.  it's a day of celebration!  So, we've no choice but to give an awesome, kickass YFCz Breakup Live, you've got to come!  Budokan on 7/4, "Camui Gakuen, Sparkly Male Cram School, Happy Birthday Live, Don't Cry, Let's Say Sayonara With Smiles", so that's what it is.  It will be our last live, and it'll also mark the new beginnings, so make sure you come see us.  Everything must come to an end.  But the YFCz songs are forever, and that's the great thing about music.  And we will give you a live that'll forever be burned in your memories, I promise you that, so please come see us.  See the official YFCz website for details."
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