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[news] Community Site Renewal & Renewal of YOU's blog!

GACKT's Official Community site has been renewed today (they may still be tinkering with it, I think) and as well as some new headers for some of the pages, YOU has decided to restart his blog.

His last entry was in December 2009.

Renewal Celebration~

Up until the renewal of this site, I completely neglected it (sweat)
From now, I think I will use it to write about my own activities and various other things.

Everyone, thank you and look forward to it!

So, the first memorable thing I think I want to tell you about is the fun birthday party from a few days ago.

Source - YOU blog

[The rest is members only and YOU talks about the birthday party that was held for him, Sato and Val. It's likely that this will be talked about in the blomaga soon too]

And this is the t-shirt that Sato, Val, Devil King and YOU are all wearing in the photo.

Photo source - Sato Twitter
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