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[news] 2014.04.14 Staff Blog & TV Appearances

Filming a TV Programme

It's now April and GACKT is still very busy.
Here is a photo of GACKT taken just as he was on a break from the filming of a TV programme.
What kind of filming was done this day??
Please wait a little longer for the news to be revealed!

Source - G&Lovers Site

GACKT will be on TV on 4/17 at 7pm on Purebato!! (short for Pressure Battle). This isn't the filming the staff blog is talking about, and here's a preview of his appearance.

GACKT will also be on TV on 5/3 at 8pm on NTV, the day that Akumu-chan The Movie hits Japanese cinemas. He and the rest of the cast will take part in a special show hosted by his good friend Hiroyuki Amano, and some making of footage will be shown. This could be the filming they're talking about, but maybe not as the cast filmed with Amano on the day of the preview screening last month.

Either way, there's lots of TV and promo on the horizon! We'll try and keep track of it all both here in the comm and on @ohgacktyoudidnt

Sources - 1 / 2

If you haven't noticed, the community site has changed it's URL address from gackt-and-dears, to gackt-and-lovers

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