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[news] 悪夢ちゃん PR Part IV

More Akumu-chan related TV!

「GWは悪夢ちゃん祭り!北川景子&ももクロが前代未聞の日テレジャックしちゃうぞSP」 / Golden Week is an Akumu-chan Festival! Keiko Kitagawa and Momokuro's Unprecedented Hijack of NTV Special

You can watch it here on Daily Motion

This hour long(ish) show was broadcast this afternoon. It has a group interview with the cast and Momokuro and footage from the movie and TV special. If you have time, it's worth watching as the interview is completely new.

「悪夢ちゃん深夜の補習授業!1限目」 / Akumu-chan Late Night Extra Lessons, First Period

You can watch it here on Daily Motion.

This was broadcast last night. Other than an intro and outro filmed by Keiko Kitagawa and Manatsu Kimura, it has nothing new and is just a recap of the drama series.

I have no idea why the embeds aren't working from Daily Motion right now... It's kinda annoying.

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