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[news] MOON SAGAー義経秘伝ー 第二章 Final Auditions & G&LOVERS changes

Tickets to View the Final Auditions for The Beautiful Mononoke That Will Steal the Heart of GACKT’s Yoshitsune On Sale!

‘MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter Two’ is a play that is written by, produced by, conceived by and starring GACKT. The decision has been made to sell tickets to the final auditions for the beautiful mononoke that will steal the heart of GACKT’s Yoshitsune.
Nationality, age and gender didn’t matter in the unprecedented general auditions and now only the final auditions remain!

On May 10th in a hall in Tokyo, the best will be picked from across the world and will show all of their talents before GACKT in a shocking final audition.
Who will be the person that can play the part of the beautiful mononoke that steals the heart of GACKT’s Yoshitsune?
We think that everyone should witness that decisive moment.

Judges : GACKT, Mayo Kawasaki, Hiro Yuumi and others.

Please check the details of the location.

Time : May 10th. Doors open at 13:00, event starts at 14:00
Price : 5,000 yen (tax included)
* You must buy a 500 yen drink token when you enter.

Ticket sales start : 5/2 at 10am

Ticket purchase here - (PC and phone)
* You can also buy at Family Mart

* Use your reference number to enter. When entering, staff will give you a ticket with your seat details.
* Please sit in the seat that you are allocated. You cannot choose your seat.

For enquiries
MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden- Production Committee (Company Ubon)
03-5772-2335 (weekdays 11:00 - 18:00)

Source - GACKT OHP

About Fanclub Membership Plans and Renewal of the Official Site

GACKT’s Official Website will be renewed on July 4th, 2014.
At the same time, what we currently call the ‘OLD SITE’ will be taken down.
The DEARS Village and all contents will no longer be available.
Thank you for your previous and continuing patronage of this site.

* To those who are currently members of either Plan A or Plan B, if you want to save any information from the DEARS Mansion you are free to do so until July 3rd.
If you have changed from Plan A or Plan B to Plan C, then you will not be able to log in or save the information from the time when you were a Plan A or Plan B member.

* From July 4th, 2014 you will not be able to access or use the DEARS Village.

[Information on the Annual Fee From July Onwards]
Admission fee for new members : 1,000 yen
Annual fee : 6,000 yen

* If you renew your membership before July 2014, then we will not be able to refund the difference. Please be aware of this.

[About The New Contents]
・Web magazine - 4 times a year
・Paper magazine - 4 times a year
・Plus other contents

* These contents are currently being created. Please wait for the site to open.

[About Membership Cards]

Currently, G&LOVERS Members Cards are being prepared.
When a shipping date is known for these, GACKT’s Official Website will inform everyone.
We are immensely sorry for the delay, and ask that you wait a little longer.

* To new members without membership cards, if you participate in any events then please show your receipt.

[To Everyone With an Orico Card]
If you have an expiry date of July, we will automatically withdraw the amount of 6,000 yen.
Further details will be sent out at a later date via a direct message from Orico.

Thank you, from GACKT and also G&LOVERS.

Source - GACKT OHP

So with the fanclub changes, it looks like they’re scrapping the current system of three different plan options and consolidating it all into one plan. This new one plan is cheaper than the current Plan A (8,000 yen a year) but seems to be offering less content. Currently, Plan A and Plan B members get 12 web magazines a year (the Monthly GACKT Globals) but from July there will be only 4. Of course, we don’t know what else they have planned!

The general auditions were held today. I’m kinda interested in seeing how this final audition will go. I wonder if NicoNico will pick it up…

Forgive any formatting errors! My home internet is misbehaving so I’m posting this on my phone.

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