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Oh GACKT You Didn't!
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[ P l e a s e r e a d . ] R U L E S ♥. | T A G S ♥.

[OHGACKTYOUDIDNT] is a community solely dedicated to the awesome artist GACKT & anything related to the aforementioned man, which includes his awesome fans, also well known as DEARSLOVERS.

The idea for [OHGACKTYOUDIDNT] was born inspired by a famous empire on LiveJournal, its Japanese, Korean & other equivalents, however, [OHGACKTYOUDIDNT] is not linked to any of them nor to other communities for now & thus, awesomely independent.

It is supposed to be an awesome community created in order to share news about everything related to GACKT & supposed to be a place for not so serious discussions & serious ones among supporters of GACKT.

Currently [OHGACKTYOUDIDNT] has moderated membership.

In order to comment or post, you will need to be a member of [OHGACKTYOUDIDNT] and of course, a fan of GACKT!

If you want to ask something, please contact a MOD.

Thank you for reading!

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